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:::::: OPENING HOURS :::

Museums: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Fri 10am−6pm, Sat − Sun 11am−6pm
Media Library, Library: Mon closed | Tue − Sun 11am−7pm
Shop: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Sun 11am−6pm
ZetKaeM Restaurant: Mon closed | Opening hours see »» here
Please also note our Special Opening Hours ⁄ ⁄ more

ZKM_Gameply closed :: Re-Opening on September 12, 2014 in the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art ::
Dear visitory, please note: The 2nd floor of the ZKM | Media Museum, and the exhibition ZKM_Gameplay, is closed! The exhibition scheduled to relocate to the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, will be open to the public from September 12, 2014. Thank you for your understanding.

Furthermore, look forward to our "Family_Gameplay" on Sun, September 14, 2014 with an exciting workshop, guided tours through the exhibition and further highlights around the theme "Games"! [more]

Closing of the ZKM | Media Museum ::
Dear Visitors,
The sprinkler system in the ZKM | Media Museum must be renewed! For this reason, the museum has to be completely emptied and the normal museum service closed consecutively on each of the building’s floors:

  • The 2nd floor ("ZKM_Gameplay"") is closed since August 4, 2014!
  • The 1st floor ("Holography from the ZKM collection" &
    "AppArtAward − Highlights 2014") is closed since August 18, 2014,
  • the ground floor ("Jean-Jacques Lebel. The Highest of All the Arts is Insurrection" & "Jonas Mekas. 365 Day Project") is scheduled to close on November 10, 2014.
The renovation of the sprinkler system serves to protect our visitors from the risk of fire. We thank you for your understanding. With GLOBALE, we look also forward to reopen the ZKM | Media Museum with you on June 19, 2015.

:::::: ZKM | EVENTS :::

Gérard Grisey :: Les Chants de l'Amour :: Concert ::
The "Songs of Love" are not to be understood in a romantic sense: In his work, Gérard Grisey did not seek to give musical expression to the subjective inner motions of a lover, but far rather most comprehensive experience of the phenomenon "love". SCHOLA HEIDELBERG will recite the piece under the direction of Walter Nußbaum. [Tues, August 26, 2014 | 8 p.m. | ZKM_Media Theater] ⁄ ⁄ more

Ed Sommer :: Planetare Allianz :: Exhibition Opening ::
At the opening of the exhibition a performance by Yong Sa as well as a live performance of an Ed Sommer’s score by by Ensemble “Exvoco”, from Stuttgart [Fri, September 5, 2014 | 7 p.m. | ZKM_Foyer] ⁄⁄ more

:::::: ZKM | CURRENT :::

Motion Picture 2.0 :: A new recording Technology :: Contest :: Submission deadline on Sept 30, 2014 :: [more]

ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS) − be part of it!
Current :: Jirka Pfahl: Ba ding ba ding − occurency :: [more]

All current exhibitions at the ZKM | Karlsruhe :: [more]

:::::: ZKM | HIGHLIGHTS :::

[November 5−9, 2014] ARD Radio Play Days :: Radio Play Festival ::
[November 25−29, 2014] IMATRONIC :: Festival of Electronic Music ::
[from June 1015] GLOBALE :: Art / 300 Days / Seen globally :: [more]

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