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:::::: OPENING HOURS :::

Museums: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Fri 10am−6pm, Sat − Sun 11am−6pm
Media Library, Library: Mon closed | Tue − Sun 11am−7pm
Shop: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Sun 11am−6pm
ZetKaeM Restaurant: Mon closed | Opening hours see »» here
Please also note our Special Opening Hours ⁄ ⁄ more

Special Opening Hours :: ZKM | Media Museum :: Mon & Tues, July 28 & 29, 2014, each from 10 am−6 pm ::

:::::: ZKM | EVENTS :::

Exhibition Opening :: Jean-Jacques Lebel. The Highest of All the Arts is Insurrection :: and :: Jonas Mekas. 365 Day Project ::
We cordially invite you to the opening of two exhibitions! The two befriended protagonists − Jean-Jacques Lebel and Jonas Mekas − were each pioneers of their genre. Both will be present at the opening. While "365 Day Project" presents the video diary − one year in 365 short films − by Jonas Mekas as a large installation on 52 monitors, the exhibition "The Highest of Art is Insurrection" shows the work by Jean-Jaques Lebel who was one of the most important initiators of political activism in France. ⁄ ⁄ more

Chill out at the ZKM :: The most relaxing party at DAS FEST weekend ::
As part of the Karlsruhe Festival the Hamburg Trio SUTSCHE will be making a guest appearance at the ZKM_Forecourt, inviting you to dance and chill out with their excentric sounds! The DJs have been playing their Techno and House Maxis too slowly since 2008 − which you can dance really well to and, above all, for longer, since one moves at a slower tempo... Another highlight is the appearance of DJane Mieko Suzuki: Because her DJ-set is extended around "MNM", her performance will not only be something for the ears. [Fri−Sat, July 25−27, 2014] ⁄⁄ more

Chillen after work at the ZKM :: Relaxing DJ Sets ::
Swing by, kick back in deckchairs and chill out with cooled drinks to the innovative and smooth sounds of local DJs. [Mon−Fri, July 28−August 1, 2014 | each 6 p.m.−10 p.m. | ZKM_Forecourt] ⁄ ⁄ more

Closing of the ZKM | Media Museum ::
Dear Visitors,
The sprinkler system in the ZKM | Media Museum must be renewed! For this reason, the museum has to be completely emptied and the normal museum service closed consecutively on each of the building’s floors:

  • The 2nd floor is schedule to close on August 4, 2014,
  • The 1st floor is scheduled to close on August 18, 2014,
  • The ground floor is scheduled to close on November 10, 2014.
The exhibition "ZKM_Gameplay", scheduled to relocate to the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, will be open to the public from September 12, 2014!

The renovation of the sprinkler system serves to protect our visitors from the risk of fire. We thank you for your understanding. With GLOBALE, we look also forward to reopen the ZKM | Media Museum with you on June 19, 2015.

:::::: ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS) − be part of it! :::
Current :: Rafaël Rozendaal: Neo Geo City :: [more]

[November 5−9, 2014] ARD Radio Play Days :: Radio Play Festival ::

[from June 1015] GLOBALE :: Art / 300 Days / Seen globally :: [more]

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