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Events 07 | 2014

Fri−Sun, July 25−27, 2014
Chill out Zone
The Most Relaxing Party at DAS FEST Weekend

With Sutsche and Performance "MNM" by Christian Graupner, performed by DJ Mieko Suzuki
ZKM_Forecourt, admission free

Fri, July 25, 2014 from 4 p.m.
Sat, July 26, 2014 from 12 p.m.
Sun, July 27, 2014 from 11 p.m.

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Sutsche on soundcloud
Christian Graupner

The Hamburg Trio SUTSCHE have been playing their Techno and House Maxis too slowly since 2008. The beats decelerate and the bases drop − bringing forth an entirely unique sound, and opening up a completely new world: partying at “nodding tempo”. It must be said to whoever is incapable of imagining this for a moment that: this works! Whoever passes the ZKM_Forcourt on his way too or from DAS FEST will have the opportunity to find out for himself.

"MNM" bemuses and contains elements of Kitsch, Pop and Trash. "MNM" is an audiovisual, interactive installation by Berlin media artist Christian Graupner. The name "MNM" refers to the Japanese Maneki-neko figure which, in the form of a gold-colored “waving cat” is said to bring luck and prosperity. For the MNM installation, Christian Graupner designed a hugely over-sized waving arm of the Maneki-neko figure. Visitors can thus control the tone and sound material − sound and body performances projected on three large-scale screens.

But "MNM" is not merely an interactive installation. It can also be used as an extension of a DJ setup: thus, playing a record player is not only something for the ears but for the eyes, too. As part of “Chill out at the ZKM”, DJ Mieko Suzuki will make an appearance with record players and "MNM". A fascinating dual effect results since, among others, the video material now reveals itself as performer .

Christian Graupner began his work as a media artist with graphic art and music. He composed and produced film music and video clips before turning to the development of interactive media installations. With the independent artist group and production company Humatic, he realized his own art projects that have been presented in museums, in scientific contexts, as well as in the field of entertainment.

Mieko Suzuki is pianist, DJ and sound musician. She has held concerts worldwide since 1998, and also works with various artists on sculptures and multimedia installations. Furthermore, she regularly writes articles for journals, such as the De:bug, and develops concert series and radio broadcasts in Tokyo and Berlin. With her DJ performances, she positions herself stylistically between Techno and House. Her interest lies in investing cold sounds and base sounds with emotionality and warmth. In this connection she works with her own “color theory”, as based on her personal synthetic perception of the environment.

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