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Events 07 | 2014

Wed, July 30, 2014
The Egyptian Revolution. Three Years After

Lecture by Maikel Nabil [in English]

ZKM_Lecture Hall, 8 p.m., admission free

Information auf Deutsch
Homepage by Maikel Nabil

Maikel Nabil will be lecturing on his experiences during the Egyptian Revolution. Based on his personal experience as a political detainee subjected to torture and sexual attacks while in captivity, he not only reports on the status of human rights: Together with the public, he also addresses the question of Egypt’s future.

Maikel Nabil’s political activity and commitment began in 2005. In the years between 2009 and 2011, he was arrested five times: the first time for distributing flyers at Asyut University against the activities of the secret services at public universities, the second time, following his demonstration against police violence. As leading member of the movement »No to Compulsory Military Service« founded in 2009, Maikel Nabil, like many others, objected to military service, which caused him to be arrested a third time. He fought in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 – arrest number 4. His last arrest was due to a letter he drafted against the Egyptian army. He was sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment. During incarceration, Maikel Nabil was subjected to torture and to sexual attacks, before finally being released in January, 2012 following a 103-day hunger strike and large-scale international campaign lasting ten months .

Maikel Nabil was born in Asyut, in 1985. He was educated as a strict Christian. After pursuing his own enquiries and attending many lectures, he finally turned his back on religion in 2009, and has since been an atheist. After graduating in veterinary medicine, he began studying law at Cairo University in 2010: Two weeks prior to his finals he was arrested and has yet to complete his studies. He has been living in Germany since 2012, where he is presently attending the Willy Brandt School in Erfurt. Maikel Nabil has kept a Blog since 2006: to date he has published over 300 articles. He also writes for newspapers such as the Foreign Policy Magazine or The Wall Street Journal, and holds talks on subjects such as democracy, peace and human rights in Egypt, Israel, in the USA and in Europe. He was nominated for the »Reporters Without Borders« award and the Nobel Peace Prize, in 2012. A year before he received the first »Freedom Award« from the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY).

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photo: Maikel Nabil


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