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Events 06 | 2014

Thurs−Sun, June 19−22, 2014
Goulash Programming Night (GPN)

Congress by Entropia e.V. (CCC Karlsruhe)

ZKM_Media Theater, ZKM_Lecture Hall and HfG | Karlsruhe, whole day, admission free

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Crypto Party

At the annually occurring, four-day congress by Entropia e.V. (CCC Karlsruhe) is the program name: a huge quantity of goulash caters to the guest’s well-being who can then, now physically fortified, proceed to the next lecture or to programming at the so-called Hackcenter.

The slogan for 2014 runs »Told you so« − thus, in reference to the current surveillance scandal. In principle, the event understands itself as a hacker’s event with a focus on programming, experimental construction and creative production: while conference participants at the hacker center exchange notes about their codes, experimental construction, works and ideas, interested visitors can inform themselves about these activities, and attend lectures on every aspect of programming or society in an easy-going atmosphere.

Anyone who is interested in hacking is bound to find this event worthwhile − previous knowledge is less a prerequisite than curiosity.

The detailed program will be announced shortly.

Fri, June 20, 2014
Crypto Party
As part of the Goulash Programming Night, a “crypto-party” will take place this year that deals with such subjects as “browser security”, “mobile security”, “mobile data protection”, “weak passwords”, “harddisc encryption” and “email security“. Security breaches that affect everyone are shown, as well as practical hints about how to solve these problems which everyone can deal with.

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