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//////////fur//// − Tilman Reiff, Volker Morawe
*OIS* One-way Interaction Sculpture, 2013

Interactive Netart Installation

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ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS)

For AOYS, Tilman Reiff and Volker Morawe have developed an ironic approach to the hitherto unfulfilled promises of digital communication. *OIS* One-way Interaction Sculpture directs the gaze by simple and yet fascinating means to the basis of our possibilities for understanding. This experimental set-up takes the magic out of the idea of the possibilities of multiple, simultaneous exchange by means of dual one-dimensionality.

A simple installation comprising 60 Watt light bulbs and a light switch is placed in the ZKM Foyer. An Internet representation dance displays the status allowing for control. Whether or not electricity flows through the filaments is decided by a two-way switch which, however, functions only in one direction. Whereas the light can only be switched on, on the web page, it can only be switched off on-site at the ZKM and at a partner installation at the Goethe Institute in Montréal.

The work is a reminiscence of Claude E. Shannon‘s “Ultimate Machine“, a small box with a switch, which immediately switches itself off after operation by way of a hand from within the box. Whereas, in Shannon, the box is present merely as an obstinate counterpart, in the case of *OIS* a further instance, namely, the user, is added. The relationship between Internet user and actor on-site can be symbolically transferred to the utopias of freely circulating information and versatile cooperation. In other words, is our society really more communicative, or even improved by the Internet? In a figurative sense, *OIS* undertakes an enquiry into services of the apparently helpful Internet of things, or the claim of a free, democratic connection between human beings in the Moloch of social media. The work facilitates the experience of a connection between switching on and off which never takes place. Furthermore, *OIS* plays with the three letters which represent the Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. If we assume that head-up displays, such as Google Glass, Smartphones, Smart watches and tablets perfectly epitomize and communicate multiple communication, the extension of the senses and of thought, as well as augmented sociality by means of marketing, then the title of the work //////////fur//// reads like an ironic commentary on the myth of such telecommunications symbols, which have now become contemporary icons. The manufactures of these devices collaborate, perhaps, with the secret services, and are in this sense by no means democratic, as they would like consumers to believe.

Author: Dr. Matthias Kampmann

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