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Exhibitions 2014

From May 13, 2014
ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS)

An Online Exhibition Platform

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CURRENT:Paul Panhuysen: "Pattern Primer, One*
ArtOnYourScreen − be part of it!

ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS) is an innovative online exhibition platform of the ZKM. It defines a place for artistic production and education under the conditions of the networked world at the outset of the twenty-first century.
This internationally oriented project represents the start of the ZKMís current digital trilogy. On July 11, 2014, the AppArtAward, a competition for art in app format, took place and thirdly, the new ZKM webpage will be launched.

AOYS is directed at two fundamental changes in twenty-first century art and technology:

  1. at dissolving the boundaries between such art genres as painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance, theater, opera, performance, video, as well spatially and temporally based arts,
  2. at the transformation of public space by way of the Internet, a technology and affiliated economy, which not only facilitates the worldwide distribution and presentation of time-based arts, but also the immediate feedback processes between work of art and viewer.
With AOYS, the ZKM has created a digital display window that provides an overview of the creative work of different generations of artists. Works of art are produced which unfold their full effect on the internet only. The spectrum ranges from exclusively screen-based art works via performative projects on generative, typographically-oriented literature, from interactive film and participatory formats through to activist approaches. Here, young software artists encounter established artists who have until now worked exclusively offline. For AOYS, they now collaborate to create a digital work for public-virtual space.

The project regularly launches artistic approaches and has been planned for the long-term. For the start phase, planned for the duration of a year, twelve works are to be produced and published, which will be accompanied by art-historical contextualization and an online educational program.

Curator: Dr. Matthias Kampmann
Project Management: Julia Jochem
Idea and Concept: Margit Rosen
Project Members: Annina Zwettler, Christiane Riedel
Technical Project Managment: Volker Sommerfeld
Education: Carolin Clausnitzer, Janine Burger
Design/Implementation: Elena Galitsch

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