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Events 04 | 2014

Until Sun, May 4, 2014
A Beacon of Rebirth

A poster project as fund-raising campaign for areas affected by earthquake and Tsunami catastrophe in Japan, March 2011
At the ZKM_Foyer, in front of the ZKM_Lecture Hall

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In the wake of the catastrophic events in Japan towards the end of 2011, Masahiko Sasaki and friends of the project initiated the project “a Beacon of Rebirth”. Starting out from Tokyo, they drove into the affected areas and took photographs of the local population. The locations in question covered four communities, including Kamaishi and the city of Otsuchi. Whereas, the first pictures were of only a small number of people, the last photographs to be taken featured around 150 inhabitants who assembled on a Saturday morning and in spite of the cold weather in Miyako, near city hall, to be photographed by Sasaki.

“I wanted to contribute something to the rebuilding. We work hard, and I hope that through our efforts we can rapidly rebuild our town.”
Chiharu Aoyagi, a nineteen year-old junior college student.

The placards produced were then published around public spaces and, though originally only extending to places within the region, they have meanwhile been distributed around international locations. For a solidarity price of approximately 24 €, donations have now brought in revenues of around €150,000, which have since been forwarded to reconstruction programs operating within the affected regions.

The posters are currently on show at the ZKM_Foyer, in the passage to the University of Fine Arts on the exterior wall of the ZKM_Lecture Hall. The short texts on the photographs were written by the people portrayed.

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photo: Christof Hierholzer

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