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:::::: OPENING HOURS :::

Museums: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Fri 10am−6pm, Sat − Sun 11am−6pm
Media Library, Library: Mon closed | Tue − Sun 11am−7pm
Shop: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Sun 11am−6pm
ZetKaeM Restaurant: Mon closed | Opening hours see »» here
Plase also note our Special Opening Hours ⁄ ⁄ more

Extended :: Exhibitions at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art ::
The exhibitions "Generosity. Donations and Loans to the ZKM Collection, "The Gernsback Prophecy. Father of Science Fiction" as well as "TYPEMOTION. Type as Image in Motion at the second floor of the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art are extended until March 2, 2014!

UNPAINTED :: Media Art Fair ::
The ZKM is also on the first fair for Media Art in Germany. More than 40 participants give a fascinating insight into the history, present and future of media art.
[Fri−Mon, Jan 17−20, 2014 | 1pm−9pm | Postpalast Munich] ⁄ ⁄ more

ART WAR :: Film Screening :: Baden-Wurttemberg Premiere ::
On the anniversary of the revolution in Egypt, the film ART WAR by Marco Wilms will be shown at the ZKM as a Baden-Wuttemberg premiere. On that evening the director himself, as well as the artists Ganzeer and Ammar Abo Bakr will be present.
[Sat, Jan 25, 2014 | 9pm | ZKM_Media Theater | Admission free]

At the ZKM Blog :: Discussion on the Exhibition "global aCtIVISm" ⁄ ⁄ more

The Great Closing Event of "Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances" is already sold out :: [more]

:::::: EVENTS :::

Wittgenstein in Coen Country :: Language Games in the Films of Joel and Ethan Coen :: Film Exploratorium ::
Taking their cue from Ludwig Wittgenstein, who, with his concept of language games situated philosophy on a new, language-critical foundation, the Coen Brothers have transferred these concepts to film aesthetics which they use consistently in their films. In accurately detailed recordings, they thus succeed in describing the American subcultures at various periods and different places. [Wed, Jan 15, 2014 | 6 p.m. | ZKM_Lecture Hall] ⁄⁄ more

Visual Arts Festival Damascus @ ZKM :: Film Screening of recent videos and documentations from the Middle East ::
The "Visual Arts Festival Damascus" will present a selection of videos and documentaries from its three preceding editions with a special focus on independent productions from Syria. Characteristic of all these works are their high degree of artistic and social engagement of the young artists from the Arab countries and Turkey. [Thurs/Fri, Jan 16/17, 2014 | each 6 p.m.] ⁄⁄ more

All the Worlds that you Word... :: Reading, listening and speaking sessions ::
The event invites the audience to collectively speculate on the (un)spoken, (un)heard and (un)written implications of language. Mounira Al Solh will present her NOA (Not Only Arabic) magazine and Lawrence Abu Hamdan will organise a "listening session" followed by a discussion on the basis of his "Aural Contract". [Sat, Jan 18, 2014 | 2 p.m. | ZKM_Lecture Hall] ⁄⁄ more

Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances :: Regular Performances ::
With the exhibition the work of the internationally known Karlsruhe choreographer Sasha Waltz is presented in a completely new context. During the entire duration of the exhibition there will be performances on four days of the week [Sept 28, 2013−Feb 2, 2014 | ZKM | Media Museum] ⁄⁄ more

Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances :: Best Exhibition of the Year 2013 ::
The kulturnews magazine interviewed around thousand artists, opinion leaders, communicators, and the most important heads of theaters, publishing houses, record companies, film distributors, museums and galleries on this year's cultural highlights. We are very pleased to announce that the exhibition "Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances" has been chosen to be the best exhibition of the year 2013.

Free Admission :: When visiting two exhibitions :: Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and ZKM | Karlsruhe ::
Dear visitors, if you both visit the exhibition "global aCtIVISm" at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art and "Macht der Machtlosen [Power of the Powerless]" at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, you receive upon presentation of the admission ticket in the respective second museum free admission!

Reduced admission by visiting two exhibitions ::
If you visit both our exhibition "TYPEMOTION. Type as Image in Motion" and the exhibition "Zeichen. Sprache. Bilder − Schrift in der Kunst seit den 1960er Jahren [Signs. Language. Images. Type in Art since the 1960s] at the Municipal Gallery in Karlsruhe, you will receive a reduced admission to the each other's museum upon presentation of your admission ticket! This applies for the period from Nov 16, 2013 to Jan 12, 2014.

Due to recent events :: Duran Adam − every Friday at 2 p.m. at the ZKM ⁄⁄ more

Highlights at ZKM in 2014 ::
[February 1/2, 2014] Great Closing Event of the Exhibition "Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances :: more

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