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Events 01 | 2014

Sat, January 18, 2014
All the Worlds that you Word...

Reading, listening and speaking sessions by artists Mounira Al Solh and Lawrence Abu Hamdan
as Part of the
Exhibition "global aCtIVISm"
ZKM_Lecture Hall, 2 p.m.−8 p.m., admission free, language: English

Information auf Deutsch
"global aCtIVISm"

"All the Worlds that You Word...." invites the audience to collectively speculate on the (un)spoken, (un)heard and (un)written implications of language. In the framework of the exhibition ""global aCtIVISm"" visual artists Mounira Al Solh and Lawrence Abu Hamadan will enact and perform two ongoing research projects that poke and investigate the liaisons between language and power.

On January 18, Mounira Al Solh will present her NOA (Not Only Arabic) magazine; a series of collaborative and performative gestures recollected under printed form. Tackling sensitive themes, such as "Treason" or “Arrest,” NOA can normally only be read individually by arranging an appointment with the artist. For the event at the ZKM though the artist will arrange a special reading group of NOA for the first time.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, by contrast, will organise a "listening session" followed by a discussion. The basis of this "listening session" is his "Aural Contract" project, which examines the relationship of listening to politics, borders, human rights, testimony, truth and international law. During the session various components of the project's sound archive are going to be cut live generating a performance that invites the audience to reflect on the fundamental ways in which we speak and listen today.

"All the Worlds that You Word...." is the closing act of Quantum Fluctuations in a Synechdochic Universe, an art project of the OuUnPo research network which was curated by Sara Giannini and Fatos Ustek in Beirut in December 2012.

In cooperation with the OuUnPo research network and moderated by Sara Giannini and Fatos Ustek. With kind support of the European Cultural Foundation

2 p.m.−2.30 p.m.
Presentation »OuUnPo« in Beirut

2.30 p.m.−4 p.m.
NOA − Reading Group

4 p.m.−5.30 p.m.
Presentation of the forthcoming NOA Edition

5.30 p.m.&mkinus;6 p.m.
Coffee Break

6. p.m.−7.30 p.m.
"Aural Contract" − Listening Session

7.30 p.m.−8 p.m.

For more information about Lawrence Abu Hamdan, please see:
http://www.lawrenceabuhamdan.com Worshop im TATE
Interview mit Anthony Downey auf Ibraaz

For more information about Mounira Al Solh and her NOA magazine, please see:
NOA School
Event at 98weeks (3. Ausgabe)

- subject to change -

© photo: Mounira Al Solh


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