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Events 11 | 2013

Wed−Sun, November 13−17, 2013
13th Tempel Dance Festival as guest at the ZKM

Dance Festival by the Cultural Center Tempel in Karlsruhe
ZKM_Cube, 4 p.m., admission free

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Program at the ZKM
13th Tempel Dance Festival (Nov 6−26, 2013)

The international dance festival by the Kulturverein Tempel, presents contemporary dance in its most diverse forms. For the 13th edition, the organizers found it important to highlight extraordinary achievement and creative presentations. In the cooperation with the ZKM, the Kulturverein steps beyond its own four walls and is to be guest at the ZKM: in addition to the production "Apparition" by internationally celebrated media artist Klaus Obermaier, the European /African production "Mitumba", as well as the current dance theater "golddigger by the Staatstheater Kassel directed by Johannes Wieland, are scheduled for presentation at the ZKM_Media Theater.

With "Apparition", media artist, director, choreographer and composer Klaus Obermaier set himself the task to create an interactive system that not only presents the extension of the performance, but establishes a new potential performance partner: a complex system of calculation, which simulates and models the real world, forms the kinetic space in which the beauty and dynamic of the human body is transferred to the virtual world.
Advanced interactive technologies provide the performers with the greatest possible free space and create a visual framework in real time.

"golddigger" is not a piece about luck, but has far more to do with the stories connected with this. Here, the central question is: how does this world of ours function? In his dance theater Johannes Wieland examines the connection between reality and desire, and once again poses the question as to whether a successful life is possible.

"Mitumba" is the Swahili word for old clothes imported from Europe. In the midst of a typical African flea market situation, contemporary dance is combined with music and acting in which the public is included directly in a performative setting. As a kind of interactive happening, the project questions the effects of mobility and processes of social transformation on artistic practice. Choreographers and dancers throughout the world form a collective, which aims at a trans-cultural production process, and searches for new forms of presentation.  

The Program at the ZKM
Wed/Thur, November 13/14, 2013, each at 8.30 p.m.
Klaus Obermaier and Ars Electronice Futurelab (AU/GB)
feat. Desirée Kongerød and Rob Tannion
Advanced booking 20,30 / box office 22 more

Sat, November 16, 2013, 8.30 p.m.
Dance Theater of the Staatstheater Kassel, dance director Johannes Wieland (Germ./Engl.)
Advanced booking 20,30 / box office 22

Sun, November 17, 2013, 8 p.m.
Mitumba − A Happening
Stephanie Thiersch/ Mouvoir (EU/ AFR)
Advanced booking: 8,40 / box office: 9

- subject to change -

photo: Klaus Obermaier: Apparition, © Klaus Obermaier


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