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Events 10 | 2013

Tues, October 22, 2013
Taking New Steps − Inclusion at Workplace

An EFI Event − Eltern und Freunde für Inklusion e.V. [Association of Parents and Friends for Inclusion] Karlsruhe
ZKM_Lecture Hall, 7.30 p.m., admission free

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The Association

Approaches towards an inclusive working life for disabled persons are to be explained in keynote speeches by Annette Wanner and Angelika Heinsch. The speeches are followed by invitation to all guests to discuss, with the speakers and other experts, the possibilities as to how good conditions for employees with disabilities and their employees can be established. Speakers, as well as a representative of the IFD will hold panel discussions with participants.

Other guests of the discussion groups are awarders of potential internships and possible employers, representatives of the City of Karlsruhe, the school board, social and youth departments, supporters of social facilities and educational institutions.

Annette Wanner, accredited social worker from the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft "Gemeinsam Leben − Gemeinsam Lernen [State Working Group Living Together − Learning Together]", will hold lectures on several years of experience in accompanying young persons with disabilities in the employment world, and will point out the factors necessary for success. Angelika Heinsch, from the Agentur für Arbeit [Job Agency] Karlsruhe-Rastatt and representative team manager of the Reha team, will present her ideas of support.

Guests will be welcomed with cost-free beverages prior to the event. Catering will be managed by the members of the "EFI bringts!" a group of people with handicaps, who have been professionally trained in service. Guests are cordially invited to a small drink following the panel discussions.

The Association EFI − The Self-evident Participation of Disabled Persons
For over twenty years the association "Eltern und Freunde für Inklusion e.V. Karlsruhe" has been actively working for the improvement of social participation for disadvantaged persons both within the city and the vicinity of Karlsruhe. Emphasis is placed on the "making conscious" of special conditions, such as inclusion, that can lead to success in social life. The association also attempts to influence the conditions positively.

This year, the association founded another working group that focuses on the transition from school into inclusive employment. Here, the goal is to establish a network of actors in the city and vicinity of Karlsruhe that is capable of advancing this process.

As a local initiative, the EFI is integrated into the state-wide Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Gemeinsam Lernen − Gemeinsam Leben Baden-Württemberg [State Working Group Learning Together − Living Together Baden-Württemberg].

For more information on EFI, please go to: www.efi-ka.de

For more informationen on Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Gemeinsam Lernen − Gemeinsam Leben Baden-Württemberg, please go to: www.lag-bw

- subject to change -

Mrs Brod-Rickmann from "Eltern und Freund für Inklusion e.V. Karlsruhe"


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