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Events 10 | 2013

Thurs−Sat, October 17−19, 2013
Performance Workshop

In the context of the exhibition
"Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances
with Susan Klein from New York
ZKM_Media Theater, every day from 11 a.m.−2 p.m.
Costs: 1100 €/1 Day, 250 €/3 Days, registration required at workshopszkm.de

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As part of the exhibition "Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances" North American movement researcher and trainer, Susan Klein, is scheduled to hold a three-day dance workshop. The workshop is directed at semi-professional dancers and performers.

This workshop will emphasize a pivotal principle of Klein Technique™, the concept of moving from our deepest structural and energetic tissue, the bone. Through an interweaving of theory and practice we will work on the muscles of deep postural support: the psoas, the hamstrings, the pelvic floor muscles, and the external rotators. We will work with a body-felt understanding of how these muscles bring the bones into alignment, a place of connectedness, which leads to true power and efficiency of movement.

Klein Technique™ is a process-oriented practice of great value to people of all proficiency levels, dancers and non-dancers alike. Our goal is to teach movement from the individual perspective of internal knowing and understanding. Students of all levels of practice in Klein Technique™ will gain insight into their movement patterns and habits and gain a greater internal understanding of their bodies.

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