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Events 07 | 2013

Wed−Sun, July 17−21, 2013
HfG: Summer Recess

Presentation of the seminar "Working with immersive audiovisual Environments" by Prof. Bernd Lintermann and Prof. Ludger Brümmer at the HfG (faculty Media Art)
at the ZKM_PanoramaLab, all day, admisson free

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Students of the faculty of Media Art at the HfG show works which were emerged at the seminar "Working with immersive audiovisual environments" by Prof. Bernd Lintermann (ZKM | Institute for Visual Media) and Prof. Ludger Brümmer (ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics). The works were developed for the 360° projection environment with discrete 8-channel audio of the ZKM_PanoramaLab.

Michael Rybakov
“Synchronie [Synchronicity]”
(3’14’’, Video installation)
Six people are singing simultaneously a song without hearing each other. Michael Rybakov explores with his work “Synchronie [Synchronicity]” the contrast between synchronicity and community.
Participants: Julia Emmler, Manuela Popp, Jill Enders, Dragan Denda, Barbara Löndermann, Florian Merz

SOG [maelstrom] (1’50’’, Vide oinstallation)
Sog der Nächte. Sog der Jugend [Maelstrom of the nights. Maelstrom of the youth]
Live forever or die trying.

Elke Reinhuber:
“An Experiment with Time [Homage to JLB]”
, 3’
In this endless and all encompassing view of a huge library the eyes can find no halt, with the soundscape of clocks ticking, accumulating in the crescendo of a chiming clock and leaving the room for a moment in silence before the cogs start clicking anew. The piece serves as a humble homage to the Argentine librarian Jorge Louis Borges.
The images were obtained in the famous Salle Ovale of La Bibliotheque Nationale Française (Richelieu) in Paris.

“Everything could be so much better!”, 3’
When the people always move the salvation of the world to tomorrow, one day only robots will ask themselves when its time…
With this work Elke Reinhuber is imagining a world in which only robots are extant. They are continuously repeating the phrases, which they learned while humans were only wondering how our planet could be saved.
Audio: Sebastian Pelz and Elke Reinhuber

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