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Events 07 | 2013

Sun, July 14, 2013
Der Tag an dem die Klauprechtstraße verschwand
[The day the Klauprechtstraße disappeared]

Book premier of the first Karlsruhe street thriller

ZKM_Lecture Hall, 4 p.m., admission free,
registration under: 0721-378076

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The first Karlsruhe street thriller celebrates premier in the context of the 125 anniversary of the Klauprechtstraße in Karlsruhe: In his novel “Der Tag an dem die Klauprechtstraße verschwand”, Manfred Bögle casts a dark shadow on Commissioner Kasper, who is actually investigating in terms of Kaspar Hauser. The commissioner himself will reveal, if the detective novel comes to a happy ending and he also brings along his secret weapon. For further information, please see: www.wirkstatt.com

The reading is an event by wirkstatt e.V. Karlsruhe − Forum für Erlebenskunst.

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