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Events 06 | 2013

Fri, June 14, 2013
Exhibition Opening
Beat Generation / Allen Ginsberg

An exhibition at the ZKM | Media Museum
Opening: ZKM_Foyer, 7 p.m., admission free

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We like to invite you to our opening of the exhibition about Allen Ginsberg (1926–1997)! Until today, the poet, performer and antimilitarist is seen as one of the founders and most influential figures of the Beat Generation. As thematic sequel to the exhibition "the name is BURROUGHS – Expanded Media", on show at the ZKM in 2012, "Beat Generation / Allen Ginsberg" is a multimedia, interactive presentation. The exhibition, concurrently on show in Metz, Rennes and Tourcoing, near Lille, presents the life and works of Allen Ginsberg, as well as his influence on other personalities of the Beat Generation. The artwork selection invites visitors to explore the rapid ride of this young generation.

Curator: Jean-Jaques Lebel

Thurs, June 13, 2013, ZKM_Media Theater
8 p.m.
ARTE film premier Beat Generation: Kerouc, Ginsberg, Burroughs
documentation film by Jean-Jacques Lebel and Xavier Villetard (ARTE France 2013, 52 min.)
The film screening is followed by a talk with curator Jean-Jacques Lebel and ZKM chairman Peter Weibel in English. Admission free

Fri, June 14, 2013, ZKM_Lecture Hall
4 p.m.
short film Allen Ginsberg: Hustler for Life, Save the Children (15 min.)
film Jonas in the Desert (94 min.)
film screening with Peter Sempel

Thurs, July 4, 2013, ZKM_Cube
8 p.m.
supporting film Pull my Daisy by Robert Frank (USA 1959, 30 min.)
Europe premier David Amram − The first 80 years documentation film by Lawrence Kraman (USA 2012, 80 min.)
The film screening is followed by a talk with David Amram in English. Admission free

Fri, July 5, 2013, ZKM_Cube
9 p.m.
Concert with David Amram & Emil Mangelsdorff feat. Erwin Ditzner (dr), Judith Goldbach (b), Thomas Siffling (tr), Matthias Ockert (g)
Admission advance booking 20 € / box office 25 € (tickets online)

Sat, July 6, 2013, ZKM_Music balcony
11 a.m.
Music and stories about Allen Ginsberg by David Amram, Open Mike: Recite your favorite poem, Music from the Beat years
Admission free

- subject to change -

photo: Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and friends of Rocky Flats Truth Force, meditating on R. R. Tracks outside Rockwell Corporation Nuclear Facility’s Plutonium bomb trigger factory, Colorado, halting trainload of waste fissile materials on the day Plutonian Ode was completed, July 14, 1978.
© photo: Steve Groer, Rocky Mountain News


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