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Exhibitions 2013

September 28, 2013−January 30, 2014
Sasha Waltz
Installations Objects Performances

with music by Jonathan Bepler, Pascal Dusapin, Hans Peter Kuhn, Henry Purcell, Franz Schubert

An exhibition at the ZKM | Media Museum [Online Tickets]

Sold Out: February 1−2, 2014: Closing Event with Performances by the Compagnie Sasha Waltz & Guests

Last Exhibition Day with Performances: Thurs, Jan 30, 2014
Performances at 3.10 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.

Information auf Deutsch

Concealed behind Sasha Waltz’s fascinating choreography is more than just dance and music. Stage elements and spatial design contribute to lending expression to the choreographies of a unique, artistic form. On the occasion of her birthday, the ZKM brings back the internationally celebrated choreographer, Sasha Waltz, to her native city Karlsruhe. Furthermore, the twenty-year anniversary of the dance ensemble “Sasha Waltz & Guests” which Waltz founded, now provides excellent occasion to present her work in an entirely new context beyond the world’s renowned stages at the ZKM | Media Museum.
With the special exhibition, the ZKM honors Sasha Waltz’s fundamental role in the world of international dance and stage. For some time the choreographer has played with the idea to disengage stage design and multimedia elements from the context of the stage and to present them as independent installations. Now, with the exhibition at the ZKM, this idea is about to be realized. Embedded in the context of the museum, this exhibition offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience the visual-aesthetic dimension of the choreographic works by Sasha Waltz. At the same time, representational elements are captured otherwise reserved for the elusiveness of a performance.

During the entire duration of the exhibition there will be performances with dancers, who were selected by Sasha Waltz in a workshop at the ZKM:

10.10 a.m.−11.10 a.m.
11.30 a.m.−12.30 p.m.

3.10 p.m.−4.10 p.m.
4.30 p.m.−5.30 p.m.

3.10 p.m.−4.10 p.m.
4.30 p.m.−5.30 p.m.

11.10 a.m.−12.10 p.m.
12.30 p.m.−1.30 p.m.

3.10 p.m.−4.10 p.m.
4.30 p.m.−5.30 p.m.

The kulturnews magazine interviewed around thousand artists, opinion leaders, communicators, and the most important heads of theaters, publishing houses, record companies, film distributors, museums and galleries on this year's cultural highlights. We are very pleased to announce that the exhibition "Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances" has been chosen to be the best exhibition of the year 2013.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in German and English.

Curators: Sasha Waltz and Peter Weibel

- subject to change -

photo: Sasha Waltz: "Dido & Aeneas", 2005
© photo: Sebastian Bolesch


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