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Exhibitions 2014

Exhibitions 2014
Luxury of Reduction
Minimal Painting

An exhibition at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

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For many years, international exhibition events and the art market have been influenced above all by figurative painting: artists use the medium of color for photo-realistic pictures. Providing an overview of the fascinating as well as broad spectrum of non-objective painting, “Luxury of Reduction. Minimal Painting” sets a conscious accent against this development: from Josef Albers and Mark Rothko through to Imi Knoebel and Günther Förg, Sergej Jensen and Tomma Abts outlining different approaches from the end of the 1940s through to the present in non-objective tendencies brought forward by the 20th century. In the works on show – from the private collections collaborating with the ZKM – each color reveals its own dynamic material behavior, plays out its monochromatic stimulus or generates a transcendental atmosphere. The exhibition of material pictures is ›interrupted‹ by three installations, in which colors manifest themselves as immaterial: a “photograph” by Dan Flavin, a projection by Tobias Rehberger as well as a color space by James Turrell.

Abstract pictures are often contemplative and, above all, challenge viewers. At the same time, for many people time represents a great luxury. The reduction to the essential, the desideratum, which shows itself in the title, is the key to the show: together, all minimalist pictures imply a decelerated reception. If one does not wish to indulge exclusively in color and form, most of the non-objective pictures demand a certain degree of background knowledge about their conception and context. Against this background, the exhibition is accompanied by a very comprehensive communication program.

Curator: Andreas Beitin

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