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Exhibitions 2013

March 2 − September 1, 2013 on
Boris Petrovsky
The Wishful Matrix (You&Me-isms Part 2)

An exhibition at the ZKM_Foyer

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“You&Me-isms Part 2” is an installation and an artistic-experimental media system in the age of high-tech communication machines. The installation, composed of over 500 illuminated signals appears as a kind of idiosyncratic cyberpunk communication machine.
Visitors may enter their text messages of up to 60 signs via an input terminal. Controlled by means of a computer program, the message is played back letter for letter, word for word. The messages may be notifications, news and short pieces of prose, aphorisms, wishes or questions. Thus, for the visitors, the illuminated sign matrix is a playable communications or information sculpture on which they may ›inscribe‹ their own messages. With playful-ironic and subversive-rebellious gestures, the visitors are called upon to rebel against commercial signs and information monopoles. But the installation contains, above all, the invitation to take a scrutinizing view of the world of objects and things, which surround us in the way we perceive them and, hence, the way they determine us.

A coproduction between the ZKM | Karlsruhe and the ABTART Gallery Stuttgart.


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© Boris Petrovsky
photo: ONUK


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