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Events 11 | 2012

Wed–Sat, November 28 – December 1, 2012
Sounds − GRM Akusmonium and Sound Dome

Concerts, workshop and symposium as part of IMATRONIC extended
at the ZKM_Media Theater at 7 p.m. and at the ZKM_Cube at 9 p.m. (concerts), admission for each concert evening € 10/7, Fri, Dec. 2 from 10 a.m. (symposium), admission free

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IMATRONIC extended

The so-called Akusmonium is once again guest at the ZKM as part of the project “Composing with Sounds” funded by the European Commission.
The Akusmonium is a unique loudspeaker orchestra from Paris, an arrangement of 80 acoustically distinct as well as tonally and visually different loudspeakers coordinated with the interpretation of acousmatic music. It was developed in 1974 by French composer Francois Bayle with the aim of undertaking the most precise location of sounds within space.
By means of workshops and concerts, the orchestra is not only shown, but the public itself has the possibility of functioning as composer and to make the installation sound.

As a further event within the program, the ZKM_Sound Dome, an ellipse-formed installation comprising 43 loudspeakers, is contrasted with the Akusmonium by way of concerts. The Sound Dome in the ZKM_Cube represents a contemporary further development of the ideas of the Akusmonium and is controlled by software developed at the ZKM. Numerous works have been especially composed for this loudspeaker dome.

With works by, among others, Robert Normandeau, Daniel Teruggi , Christian Zanesi.


Wed 2012/11/28 | Thurs 2012/11/29 | Fri 2012/11/30 | Sat 2012/12/01

Wed 2012/11/28

7 p.m., ZKM_Media_Theater
Concerts of the results of the workshop “Sound Composer” by Karlsruhe schools and of the Interpretation Workshopfor Young Composers

9 p.m., ZKM_Cube
Spatial Concepts, Works by Giga-Hertz Prize-Winners

  • Flo Menezes: »Motos in fine velocior − in memorian Stockhausen«
  • Orestis Karamanlis: »Toys«
  • Panayiotis Kokoras: »Magic«
  • Valerio Murat: »Habeas Corpus − Antomia dell'Imaginazione e Visioni dell'Assoluto«
  • Gottfried Michael Koenig: »Funktion Rot«


Thurs 2012/11/29

7 p.m., ZKM_Media Theater
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  • Robert Normandeau: »Palimpseste«
  • Gilles Gobeil: »Ombres, Espaces, Silences«
  • Francis Dhomont
    • »Forêt Profonde«
    • »Chambre d’Enfants«
    • »À l’Orée du Conte«
    • »Chambre Interdite«
    • »Il Cammin di Nostra Vita«
    • »Les Enchantements de l’Imagination«
    • »Antichambre«
    • »La Muraille d’Épines«
    • »Chambre de Lumière«
    • »Fantasme, Mode d’Emploi«
Mit Robert Normandeau, Gilles Gobeil

9 p.m., ZKM_Cube
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  • Robert Normandeau: »La Part des Anges«
  • Gilles Gobeil: »Le Miroir Triste«
  • Louis Dufort: »Hi-Res«
  • Barry Truax: »The Shaman Ascending«
With Robert Normandeau, Gilles Gobeil


Fri 2012/11/30

7 p.m, ZKM_Media Theater
Stéréo Concert

  • Kassel Jaeger: »Algae II«
  • Christian Zanési: »Stop l’Horizon»
  • Beatriz Ferreyra: »L’Autre Rive«
  • Phillipe Carson: »Turmac«
  • Alain Savouret: »L’Arbre et Caetera«

9 p.m., ZKM_Cube
L'acousmatique allemande

  • Ludger Brümmer: »Thrill«
  • Volker Hennes: »Eromenoi Erastai«</il>
  • Oliver Peters: »The Curtsey«
  • Kallabris: »Off Mind«


Sat 2012/12/01

10 a.m., ZKM_Media Theater
Symposium "Old Machines for New Music"
with Francois Bonnet, Rudolf Frisius, Detlef Heusinger, Michael Nicolas Schott, Leopoldo Siano, Kees Tazelaar, Daniel Teruggi, Christoph von Blumröder
final discussion with Ludger Brümmer and Leigh Landy

5 p.m., ZKM_Media Theater
Concerts of the results of the workshop “Sound Composer” by Karlsruhe schools and of the Interpretation Workshopfor Young Composers

7 p.m., ZKM_Media Theater
Multiphonic Concert

  • Robert Hampson: »Répercussions«
  • Trevor Wishart: »Encounters in the republic of heaven«
  • Kees Tazelaar: »Rayons de Son«
  • Jonty Harrison: »Internal Combustion«
  • Daniel Teruggi: »Turbulences«</il>
Mit Kees Tazelaar, Daniel Teruggi

9 p.m. ZKM_Cube
Mono Concert

  • Tomonari Higaki “La mer de la fertilité”


Robert Normandeau's visit made possible with the support of "Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec"

GRM Akusmonium am ZKM, 2010, photo: ONUK

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