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Events 11 | 2012

Sat, November 24, 2012
Giga-Hertz Prize 2012 | Walter-Fink Prize

Award ceremony and concerts as part of IMATRONIC extended
at the ZKM | Karlsruhe, from 7 p.m., admission free

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IMATRONIC extended

The central feature of the IMATRONIC Festival is the award of the Giga-Hertz Prize, this year presented in the three categories “Electronic Music”, “Sound Art” as well as “Dance and Media”. The concerts held by award-winners of the ZKM Walter-Fink Prize 2011 provide the ideal background of the program.

Award-winners of the Giga-Hertz Prize 2012

The Giga-Hertz Prize for Electronic Music has been presented by the ZKM | Karlsruhe each year since 2007 together with the SWR EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO, Freiburg. Whereas the main prize honors renowned composers for their life‘s work, the four production prizes are opened for younger generation contestants.
The announcement for the 2012 competition is directed especially at artists whose work emphasizes audio-visual work.

Due to the high number of high quality submissions, the number of awards this year was increased from five to seven.
A high-caliber jury will select the winner. Alongside permanent core jury members comprising Peter Weibel (Chairman of the ZKM | Karlsruhe), Ludger Brümmer (Director of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics) and Detlef Heusinger (Director of the SWR EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO), this year other noteworthy guests could be acquired, namely, Frank Madlener (Director of the IRCAM | Institute de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique Paris), Heike Hoffmann (artistic Director of the Salzburg Biennale) and Robert Normandeau (Professor Université de Montréal).

Presentation of the Walter-Fink Prize

The Walter-Fink ZKM Prize for Dance, Electronic Music and Media was awarded for the last time in 2011. This year, the Walter-Fink Prize functions under the name “Giga-Hertz Prize for Dance and Media”. The Prize for Production is awarded to the technical innovative connection of choreography and sound. Here, electronic and electro-acoustic music, new media and dance enter into a symbiosis, integrating creature-like movements with advanced sound processing and performance technologies.


The award ceremony with renowned speakers from art and politics, such as Robert Normandeau and Frank Madlener is ideally complimented by concerts by award winners from previous years. This is followed by performances by prize-winners Mireille Leblanc and Åke Parmerud of the Walter-Fink Prize of the ZKM 2011.

from 7 p.m., ZKM_ Foyer
Award Ceremony

  • Welcome
  • Laudation and award of the Giga-Hertz Prize in the categories “Electronic Music”, “Sound Art” and “Dance & Media”

following, ZKM_Foyer
Presentation of the Walter-Fink Prize 2011

  • Ake Parmerud & Mireille Leblanc: "Shadowplace", dancer: Jana Griess
  • Champagne Reception

following, HfG_Studio
Concert of the Giga-Hertz Prize winners 2010, 2011 and 2012

  • Dániel Péter Biró: ";Bahar"
  • Kee Yong Chong: "Wu Wei. Meng Die"
  • Emmanuel Nunes: “Einspielung I”
with José Miguél Fernandéz, Noa Frenkel, Sven Thomas Kiebler, Andrea Nagy, Diego Tosi, Olaf Tzschoppe, Wei Wu
Live-electronic realisation: EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO of the SWR<

following, Reception and Buffet

following, ZKM_Cube
Concert of the Giga-Hertz Prize winners 2010, 2011 and 2012

  • Pauline Oliveros: "Three Pieces"
  • Andrea Vigani: "NIce to Meet You"
  • Benedikt Schiefer: "Azoth oder das große Werk (Bruchstück, Chaos Veterum)"
  • Horacio Vaggione: "Consort For Convolved Piano Sound"
  • Jamie E. Oliver La Rosa: "9 Gardens"
with Jamie E. Oliver La Rosa, Pauline Oliveros, Benedikt Schiefer, Horacio Vaggione, Andrea Vigani, Anna Zassimovà

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