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:::::: OPENING HOURS :::

Museums: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Fri 10am−6pm, Sat − Sun 11am−6pm
Media Library, Library: Mon closed | Tue − Sun 11am−7pm
Shop: Mon, Tue closed | Wed − Sun 11am−6pm
ZetKaeM Restaurant: Mon closed | Opening hours see »» here

Regionaltag 2012 :: During the "Regionaltag" on September 30, 2012 numerous special guided tours give insight into our current exhibitions such as "ARTandPRESS", "Vidéo Vintage 1963-1983" and "Sound Art", as well as into the history of the ZKM | Karlsruhe from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. ⁄⁄ more

New at the ZKM Blog :: resonate :: The interactive light and sound installation consists of several kilometers of sound strings and can be experienced currently in the ZKM_Cube.⁄⁄ more

:::::: EVENTS :::

Music Festival :: Quantensprünge [Quantum Leaps] XV::
Twice a year the music festival Quantum Leaps presents works by the scholarship holders of the International Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA) Frankfurt, from the areas of modern and contemporary music. In addition to a concert evening with musical-theatrical works, there will be premier performances of pieces by Martin Grütter and Birke Bertelsmeier. ⁄⁄ more
[Sat September 29, 2012, 7 p.m./ Sun September 30, 2012, 8 p.m. | ZKM_Cube and ZKM_Media Theater]

:::::: EXHIBITIONS :::

Until September 30, 2012 :: Ivan Faktor. First Program ::
The exhibition "Ivan Faktor. First Program" shows an overview of the comprehensive oeuvre of Ivan Faktor until September 30. Since the 1970s, Ivan Faktor has developed an artistic language that takes up the media of photography, video art, and performance.⁄⁄ more
[ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Until September 30, 2012 :: Józef Robakowski. The Handshake::
The exhibition "Józef Robakowski. The Handshake" at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art shows films, video works and archive material form the media pioneer Józef Robakowski until September 30. Moreover, the political dimension of Robakowski's art is revealed with pieces that were produced during the period of material law in Poland (1981−1983).⁄⁄ more
[ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Until September 30, 2012 :: Bernhard Sandfort. Dialogic Painting and the Museum of Questions ::
Until September 30 the exhibition "Bernhard Sandfort. Dialogic Painting and the Museum of Questions" presents the work of the Mannheim artist Bernhard Sandfort between abstract painting and explicit engagement such as his long-term participative project based "Museum of Questions". ⁄⁄ more
[ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Find all current exhibitions ⁄⁄ here

Highlights at ZKM in Autumn 2012 ::
[October 12−November 11, 2012] O.R.pheus :: a musical theatrical Installation ⁄⁄ more
[October 19/20, 2012] Götter und Schriften rund ums Mittelmeer. In memoriam Friedrich Kittler :: Symposion more
[November 7−11, 2012] ARD Hörspieltage 2012 :: Radio Play Days ⁄⁄ more

[November 21−December 2, 2012] IMATRONIC extended :: Festival of Electronic Music

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