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Events 10 | 2012

Sun, October 21, 2012
HimmelsKlang – RAUM – KLANG – STILLE

Choir concert with CoroPiccolo and compositions by Ludger Brümmer
With works by Rheinberger, Rautavaara, Mahler, Schönberg, Martin, and sound composition “Inferno der Stille” by Ludger Brümmer in cooperation with the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics
at the Evangelische Stadtkirche Karlsruhe, 7:30 p.m., admission € 15/12 (online tickets: kartenverkauf@stadtkirche-karlsruhe.de)

Information auf deutsch

“The program ‘Raum – Klang – Stille’ [Space – Sound – Silence] arose from the search for new concert forms. A cappella programs with motets that are finished one after the other, and then begin again are common everywhere, but are not always satisfying.
I wanted to find a new form for the opening concert ‘HimmelsKlang – Musik und Transzendenz’ in the context of the ‘Jahr der Kirchenmusik’ [Year of sacred music]. In conversation with Ludger Brümmer, head of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, the idea came up to create an overall picture, a sound collage, a concert as a whole rather than the sum of individual building blocks.

Important motets by Rheinberger, Rautavaara, Schönberg, Mahler, and Martin (in part, borrowed from song cycles) alternating with individual sections of the ‘Inferno der Stille,’ an electronic version of the Mozart requiem, let one imagine the transcendence and make it tangible. Ludger Brümmer’s sound composition ‘Inferno der Stille’ fits wonderfully in terms of theme and concept into this ‘overall picture’.”

(Christian-Markus Raiser)

Further information: http://www.himmels-klang.de

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