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There is a Museum, Comprised Only of Questions:
the “Museum of Questions”!

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“Asking more questions is desirable – or should fewer questions be posed?” “Are there questions one ought not to ask in public?” “Is there a new interest in experiencing democracy in everyday life and in art?” “Two years from now will I still be able to live from my work?” “Will I at some point be able to use all the possible functions on my mobile phone?” These are some samples taken from the “Museum of Questions” collection.

You probably have other questions – and it is just these that are now of interest.

The “Museum of Questions” was founded in 1977 by the artist Bernhard Sandfort from Mannheim. He has been collating questions posed by different people in his perpetually growing collection: thousands of frequently exhibited questions by people from various German cities have meanwhile been brought together, and may now be viewed in Karlsruhe in the exhibition entitled “Bernhard Sandfort. Dialogic Painting and the Museum of Questions” at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe.

Because the “Museum of Questions” represents an attempt at a utopian completeness and, ideally, all questions posed by all people should be represented there, you are invited to augment and enrich the “Museum of Questions” with your own questions. Of especial interest are such questions that have particular importance to you, and those about which you would wish more people would concern themselves: these concern one’s own general questions and the personal questions that people carry around with them.

The exhibition invites everyone to give shape to these questions, to formulate them and to send them in to the “Museum of Questions”. Taken as a whole, these questions signify a panorama of the questions of our time. The “Museum of Questions” collects, conserves and exhibits the questions. As a consequence, a net of ties can be made between different people. And perhaps, the questions of other people will provide you with important impulses, and inspire contemplation among others. The “Museum of Questions” does not provide answers to your questions. But with your questions, you contribute to invigorating the social right to ask questions.

Make your question part of the exhibition by entering it here (including your name and age)*:

* Selected questions will be shown in the exhibition.

Image "Museum of Questions", 1977−2012, documentation from the artistic action 1977, photo: Bernhard Sandfort, © Bernhard Sandfort


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