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Exhibition 2012

March 14–May 13, 2012
Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
03_Michael Beutler

ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, 2nd floor
Installation "A-frame" from the Grässlin Collection

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The exhibition series Sensor. Time for Young Approaches shows works at short intervals by young artists from collections cooperating with the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art. The spatial installation "A-frame" by Michael Beutler, from the Grässlin Collection, St. Georgen, will be on show in the third part of the exhibition series.

In his process-oriented works, Michael Beutler sounds out the relation from within and without as well as the spatial transformation by way of architectonic interventions. He usually works on site starting with each of the respective exhibition situations. With "A-frame" he transforms the exhibition space at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art into an illuminated, coloured tent with walls of hand-crafted paper honeycomb. During the design phase of his work, he often finds inspiration in the situations and architectures that have impressed him when travelling. Thus, "A-frame" is in fact a simple, triangular load bearing construction as applied in house construction. Like its prototype, the spatial construction unfolds a social effect. On the one hand, the tent serves as a site of chance encounters among the exhibition visitors, while on the other, the tables developed for the production of the paper walls are reminiscent of the creation process in which the assistants and colleagues collaborated at Michael Beutler's Berlin gallery.

Daria Mille

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picture: Michael Beutler "A-frame", 2007, Grässlin Collection, St. Georgen © Michael Beutler, photo: Wolfgang Günzel


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