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Events 11 | 2011

Sun November 20, 2011
Theater Pforzheim Das Kalte Herz [The Cold Heart]

Dance piece by James Sutherland and Robert Eikmeyer
A contribution to the TEMPEL Dance Festival
The Kulturverein Tempel e.V. as guest at the ZKM
ZKM_Media Theater, 8.30 pm,  19.30 (advance booking) 21 (box office)

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"Das kalte Herz" [The Cold Heart ] is a fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff at the center of which is Kohlenmunk Peter. In the Romantic era Hauff probed the question as to the yearning for happiness. The stage productions by James Sutherland are known for their experimental character and for their examination and experimentation with the potential of the new media. "Das kalte Herz" is both a collaborative project with students of the faculty of digital media at Furtwangen University and opening contribution by Pforzheim Ballet of the 'Flößer-Projekt'. The stage design thus produced is interactive and is steered by means of camera tracking and through the dance itself. Movement is the trigger for spatial, audio and temporal transformations. Dance and love comprise the focus of this staging, and mediate two motifs in the fairy tale: the desire for recognition and the motif of love, which is alone capable of saving Peter’s heart.

Actors: James Sutherland, Elsa Genova, Alexandra Andreeva, Lucrezia Piattelli, Risa Yamamoto, Julia Suschka, Marco Barbieri, Cornelius Mickel, Yari Stilo, Hiroyuki Tomosugi

For further information please check: www.kulturverein-tempel.de

Theater Pforzheim

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