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Events 11 | 2011

Wed November 16, 2011
Compagnie Adrien M Cinématique

A contribution to the TEMPEL Dance Festival
The Kulturverein Tempel e.V. as guest at the ZKM
ZKM_Media Theater, 8.30 pm,  19.30 (advance booking) 21 (box office)

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In his work, award winning media artist, Adrien Mondot from Grenoble, brings together circus, theater, dance and video. His most recent work, the title of which refers to "kinematics as the doctrine of movement and bodies", takes the viewer along on a fantastic journey through virtual worlds. At times, apparently deep abysses open up in breathtaking matrix landscapes, before swarms of flying letters begin to emerge. The scenery initially appears like a white sheet in an opened and unwritten book. Then video projects grow into an impressive, 3D landscape. The dancer Satchie Noro, who among others has already worked with the Catalan dancer and choreographer Blanca Li, roams through the world of pictures together with Adrien Mondot.

Conception, programming: Adrien Mondot
Actors: Satchie Noro, Adrien Mondot
Composition: Christophe Sartori, Laurent Buisson
Light design: Elsa Revol
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Farcet
Assistance, technology and programming: Alexis Lecharpentier
Management, distribution: ay-r Oop (Géraldine Werner, Olivier Daco)
Technology: Jérémy Chartier, Hervé Lonchamp (alternating)
Sound technology: Laurent Lechenault

For further information please check: www.kulturverein-tempel.de

Compagnie Adrien M

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