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Events 10 | 2011

Thurs, 06.10.2011
Rebellion at Dawn (Awka Liwen)

filmscreening (spanish with subtitles), followed by discussion with co-director Kristina Hille
At the ZKM_Lecture Hall, 6 p.m., admission free

Information auf Deutsch

"Rebellion at Dawn (Awka Liwen)" is the story of the struggle for the distribution of wealth in Argentina from the killings against originary people and the stealing of their ancestral territories, to current rebellion of the agricultural corporations to evade paying taxes. The racism against these original inhabitants is not casual: it was the alibi that scientifically tried to justify the dispossession of indian lands and the gaucho by the European descendants. Argentina in the XXI Century continues being divided. A timeless trench created in the XIX century, and as any open wound, still bleeds and should foresee closure.

Director: Mariano Aiello and Kristina Hille
Screenplay: Osvaldo Bayer, Mariano Aiello and Kristina Hille

For further information please go to: www.awka-liwen.org


film still from "Rebellion at Dawn" © Macanudo

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