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:::::: NEWS :::

The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds after 1989 – Opening festival :: Performances, workshops, concerts, artist talks, lectures and panel discussions from Fri, Sept. 16th – Sun. Sept. 18th, 2001 at the ZKM_Media Theater and other venues. On Saturday and Sunday the ZKM Combination Ticket can be used to visit the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, the ZKM | Media Museum and all events of the festival. Find the complete program ⁄⁄ here

Online now: The Global Contemporary. Art Worlds after 1989 :: Join the discussion and read the blog at www.global-contemporary.de/

ZKM on iTunes U :: With iTunes U, the ZKM provides the possibility to experience its research and artistic content in the form of symposia, exhibitions or events independently of time and place. What's new on iTunes U? We have added the contributions to the symposium Molecular Aesthetics which took place at the ZKM from July 15th-17th, 2011. Download the contributions by Robert E. Mulvey, Leonard F. Lindoy, Thierry Delatour, Tami I. Spector, John Mark, and others, for free. For more information please go to http://itunesu.zkm.de.

:::::: EXHIBITIONS :::

CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility :: The opening of CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility is a highlight as part of the Automobile Summer Baden-Württemberg and the 296th Anniversary of the City of Karlsruhe 2011. The ZKM | Karlsruhe presents an exhibition on the theme of mobility in a two-fold sense: on the one hand the material and physical mobility of the body by means of the car, while, on the other, the immaterial mobility ⁄⁄ more
[CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility | June 18th, 2011–January 8th, 2012, ZKM | Media Museum | www.zkm.de/car-culture]

Bill Bollinger. The Retrospective :: In the outgoing 1960s, Bill Bollinger (19391988) was among the most prominent sculptors of his time. Slipping into obscurity from around the mid 1970s on, he no longer figured as a presence in the international art world. The exhibition, initially on display at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, and to be shown presently at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, is the first retrospective aiming to rediscover the complexity, radicality and intensity characteristic of the artist's oeuvre ⁄⁄ more
[Bill Bollinger The Retrospective | May 28th–Sept 25th, 2011, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Lee Bontecou. Insights :: North American artist, Lee Bontecou, is to be honored for the first time since over thirty years with an exhibition in Europe. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, the ZKM provides a glimpse into the artist's innovative work during the 1960s. It was her extraordinary three-dimensional wall art that made Bontecou as one of the few women contemporaries in the art scene a central female artist. The exhibition, Lee Bontecou. Insights, displays a selection of her internationally recognized works of the 1960s ⁄⁄ more
[Lee Bontecou. Insights | May 28th–Sept 25th, 2011, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis :: The archive exhibition is a dedication to almost two decades of the work of Het Apollohuis, based in Eindhoven / Netherlands. It was here that artists were presented in numerous exhibitions and installations, performances and concerts, and where art-theoretical debates were carried out in the years between 1980 and 1997 ⁄⁄ more
[Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis | August 5th–Nov. 13th, 2011, ZKM_Media Lounge]

For an overview of our exhibitions, and more, please see »» here

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