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:::::: OPENING HOURS :::

Museums: Mon, Tue closed | Wed - Fri 10am-6pm, Sat - Sun 11am-6pm
Media Library, Library: Mon closed | Tue - Sun 11am-7pm
Shop: Mon, Tue closed | Wed - Sun 11am-6pm
ZetKaeM Restaurant: Mon closed | Opening hours see »» here

:::::: NEWS :::

A record Number of Summer Visitors to the ZKM :: The ZKM is pleased to announce that it hosted more visitors in July 2011 than ever before during the summer months: over 17.638 guests streamed through its doors this month, with a total of 12.053 visitors alone for the exhibition CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility.

New ZKM exhibition in the context of Pèlerinages – Kunstfest Weimar :: The theme of the exhibition at the Neue Museum Weimar is seeing vision. Works and installations by international artists are the outcome of a boundary-merging fusion of art, technology and science which subjects our visual perception to experiencing in new and unfamiliar ways. Vision. Seeing provides both a fascinating and detailed insight into the historical treatment of visual perception in the twentieth and twenty–first centuries ⁄⁄ more
[»Vision. Seeing« | Aug. 21st–Oct. 16th, 2011 | Neues Museum Weimar | www.pelerinages.de]

ZKM.Shots on ARTE Creative :: Once a month, Peter Weibel, Director of the ZKM, presents outstanding pieces of renowned artists and important representatives of contemporary media art; such as Robert Cahen, Walid Ra'ad, Harun Farocki, Ursula Biemann. The big variety represents: documentaries can be found as well as experimental films, web projects and Video art among the bride range of ZKM's collection ⁄⁄ more

:::::: EVENTS :::

Douglas Coupland: JPod :: The world of »JPod« is flagrant, screwy and dizzyingly rapid. »JPod« is a cuckoo novel about six colleagues holed up in a bizaar games development department, and about the excesses of our contemporary employment world. Douglas Coupland takes a biting, satirical look our 21st century. The German edition of »JPod« is to be published on August 24th, 2011 ⁄⁄ more
[A public reading with Douglas Coupland (in English) | Thurs, August 25th, 2011, 6 p.m. | ZKM_Lecture Hall, admission free | www.coupland.com]

:::::: EXHIBITIONS :::

CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility :: The opening of CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility is a highlight as part of the Automobile Summer Baden-Württemberg and the 296th Anniversary of the City of Karlsruhe 2011. The ZKM | Karlsruhe presents an exhibition on the theme of mobility in a two-fold sense: on the one hand the material and physical mobility of the body by means of the car, while, on the other, the immaterial mobility ⁄⁄ more
[CAR CULTURE. Media of Mobility | June 18th, 2011–January 8th, 2012, ZKM | Media Museum]

Bill Bollinger. The Retrospective :: In the outgoing 1960s, Bill Bollinger (19391988) was among the most prominent sculptors of his time. Slipping into obscurity from around the mid 1970s on, he no longer figured as a presence in the international art world. The exhibition, initially on display at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, and to be shown presently at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, is the first retrospective aiming to rediscover the complexity, radicality and intensity characteristic of the artist's oeuvre ⁄⁄ more
[Bill Bollinger The Retrospective | May 28th–Sept 25th, 2011, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

Lee Bontecou. Insights :: North American artist, Lee Bontecou, is to be honored for the first time since over thirty years with an exhibition in Europe. On the occasion of her 80th birthday, the ZKM provides a glimpse into the artist's innovative work during the 1960s. It was her extraordinary three-dimensional wall art that made Bontecou as one of the few women contemporaries in the art scene a central female artist. The exhibition, Lee Bontecou. Insights, displays a selection of her internationally recognized works of the 1960s ⁄⁄ more
[Lee Bontecou. Insights | May 28th–Sept 25th, 2011, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art]

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