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Events 07 | 2011

Fri July 01, 2011
Gewebtes Licht – Woven Light
Invitation to exhibition opening

A presentation of selected works from the »Gewebtes Licht – Woven Light« competition
An exhibition celebrating the anniversary »175 Years ETTLIN,« ZKM_Foyer, 4 p.m., free admission

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Light is source and element of art. Light makes art visible. But light itself can also be art, or an artwork—especially when we are dealing with »woven light,« light structures that create three-dimensional spaces and forms. The firm ETTLIN has developed a novel fabric that reveals fascinating effects and 3D impressions when backlit. By illuminating the special fabric with point-shaped lights, such as LEDS, light lines arise that spread deep into a space, thus generating luminous structures or objects.

The exhibition »Gewebtes Licht – Woven Light« (2 July –16 July 11) presents 23 selected works from the »Gewebtes Licht – Woven Light« competition initiated by ZKM | Karlsruhe. Artists, designers, and architects from European academies and universities were provided with the fabric and LED lamps and invited to sound out the creative and artistic possibilities of this new technology. A total of 130 artists participated.  Three works were honored with prizes totaling 10,000 euros.


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