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All audio publications are available in specialized trade or at:
www.wergo.de or shop.zkm.de

New releases
»Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis« – excerpts from live-concerts, 2 CDs WER 2069 2

In the edition ZKM electronic, the ZKM | Institut für Musik und Akustik (IMA) currently releases productions on the label WERGO which are based on electronic media and which, in the broadest sense, can be described as electro-acoustic compositions.

The productions highlight current works of contemporary composers and musicians which are characterized by technological and aesthetic developments, while sometimes crossing the lines of the auditory by means of visualizations or multimedia concepts. Even in the field of audio productions, new territory is entered with 5.1 panoramas, for example, in order to depict the often three-dimensional compositions in an adequate manner. The aim is to spread the electro-acoustic music and sustain its release.

Starting in 2011, the label ZKM milestones releases selected works of contemporary music which, with regard to aesthetics, play a special role in recent music history and the academic examination and publication of which contribute to a better understanding of the cultural landscape.

Already published:
Edition ZKM
Valerio Sannicandro: »Ius Lucis« for two Ensembles in two rooms, with musikFabrik | Ensemble für Neue Musik and Pierre-André Valade (conductor) SACD WER 2065 2
Luc Ferrari: »JETZT – oder wahrscheinlich ist dies mein Alltag, in der Verwirrung der Orte und der Augenblicke« radio play – debut recording with sourcematerial 3 CDs WER 2066 2
Marco Blaauw: »blue dog« compositions for trumpet and electronic. Works by Yannis Kyriakides, Agostino Di Scipio, Michèl Koenders, David Dramm CD WER 2063 2
Garth Knox (Viola)/Brian O’Reilly (Video) (compositions by Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Gérard Grisey, Michael Edwards and Kaija Saariaho) DVD WER 2062 5
Jorge E. López DVD WER 2061 5
Bojidar Spassov CD WER 2060 2
Ludger Brümmer (with videos by Silke Braemer) DVD WER 2059 5
Surround Music (Alvin Lucier, Ludger Brümmer, Justin Bennett, Nicolas Collins, Kaffe Matthews, Scanner, Anne Wellmer, zeitblom) DVD-Audio WER 2058 5
Elena Kats-Chernin CD WER 2057 2
Gerhard Stäbler CD WER 2056 2
Wolfgang Rihm CD WER 2055 2
Franz Martin Olbrisch CD WER 2054 2
Mesias Maiguashca CD WER 2053 2
Martin Daske CD WER 2052 2
Johannes Goebel, Ludger Brümmer, Ramón González-Arroyo, Georg Bönn CD WER 2051 2

Other ZKM related releases:
Márton Illés, WERGO 2012, CD, WER 6584 2
Luc Ferrari: »souvenir, souvenir«, WERGO 2011, CD, WER 6737 2
Barbara Lüneburg: »Weapon of Choice«, Ahornfelder 2011, CD, AH21
Michael Edwards: »I kill by proxy«, sumtone 2009, CD, stcd3
diverse: »trans canada«, empreintes DIGITALes 2009, DVD-Audio, IMED 09100
Garth Knox: »Viola Spaces«, mode 2009, CD, mode 207
Martin Schüttler: »Pelze & Restposten«, WERGO 2009, CD, WER 6575 2
Vito Zuraj: »Crosscourt«, Edicije DSS 2008, CD, Ed. DSS 200868
Morton Feldman: »for philip guston«, WERGO 2008, 4 CDs, WER 6701 2
Olga Neuwirth: »Der Tod und das Mädchen II«, col legno 2007, CD, WWE 1CD 20261
Kiyoshi Furukawa: »Music by Numbers«, fontec 2007, CD FOCD9333
Gerhard E. Winkler: »Heptameron«, col legno 2004, CD, WWE 1CD 20232
Gerhard E. Winkler, ORF 1 Edition Zeitton 1999, ORF-CD 189
Harry De Wit: »Song for the Pigeons«, Walpurgis 1994, CD WPR-005
Melvyn Poore: »Groundwork«, Random Acoustics 1994, CD RA 005
Tilman Küntzel: »Wir fangen das Mögliche«, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 1992

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