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Promoting Young Talents
Fostering of young talent in electronic music through different programs is a major concern of the IMA. Its biggest, biennial young talent project, “next_generation 4.0”, provides an opportunity for network building and critical dialogue among the academic electronic studios in Germany and elsewhere. At the invitation of the IMA, up to 150 students from 21 studios take part for five days in concerts, discussions and a symposium, in 2011 on the subjects of “communication” and “global sound”. The Karlsruhe Music Conservatory (in January) and the Frankfurt International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) (in March and October) give guest festivals at the ZKM every year and present newly developed concerts with contemporary, instrumental and electronic music, technological innovations and world premiers of high quality. With these programs the IMA supports the introduction of young talents to professional life through concerts.

Technological and aesthetic development
Artistic research and its related technological and aesthetic developments are the core of the IMA and its driving force for innovation. Through European initiative projects and interdisciplinary festivals it seeks to create conditions for targeted development. The European cooperative project “Ambiant Creativity” [Or is this “Ambient Creativity”? The latter is the correct English spelling.] (March 2011) focuses on digital technology in sound synthesis and spatialization, and supports the individual development of three composers who hold international scholarships. In the context of technological research the IMA also takes part in Karlsruhe 3D-Festival BEYOND with three audio-visual innovations. The short festival “AudioKultur” and the European tendering cooperation project “Europa” concentrate on the aesthetic exploration of regional and collective sound culture between electronic music and radiophonic art.

Synthesis: Festival IMATRONIC
At the end of the year, in the last week of November, the Institute will be host to the international music festival for electronic music IMATRONIC. The largest musical festival of its kind in Germany, it initiates and combines ideas. In 2011 focal points of the five-day festival, symposium and concert program are commissioned works for piano + (piano and electronic instruments), music and dance, Xenakis, and the award ceremonies for the two major international prizes of the ZKM, the Giga Hertz Prize for Electronic Music and the Walter Fink Prize at the ZKM for Dance, Electro-Acoustic Music and Media. The festival will culminate in concerts featuring the world premiers of the 2010 Production Prize winners, which will be realized this year by the EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO of the SWR and at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics.

Archiving: Open Source
The three-year archiving project mediaartbase.de, part of the KUR program of the Federal Cultural Foundation, comes to an end in June 2011 and will be presented to the public in the event “art::archive::architectures”, including an international symposium and concert program. The Open Source database will be made available as an interface option to cultural organizations interested in media-based art. The goal is to create a modular platform that categorizes productions and affords a targeted medial access to works.

In 2011 the Institute for Music and Acoustics at the ZKM Karlsruhe is inaugurating three new series. IMA | lab is the workshop format in which international guest composers will present, in word and sound, the works they have created at the ZKM and open them to discussion. The IMA | lounge will combine electronic compositions and art performances with DJ culture to create a night for listening and dancing. Finally, IMA | kids is a format for children between the ages of six and twelve, with children-oriented concerts of electronic music – something to prick up the ears for!

In May 2011 begins the new EU project “Composing with Sounds: Widening Electro-Acoustic Music Participation”, dedicated to communicating electronic music. Themes of the project, which is being carried out in cooperation with GRM Paris and De Montfort University Leicester, are a trans-national artists and work exchange and initiation of an inter-cultural dialogue. The project is addressed to both the professional scene and to educational institutions, particularly to schools. Part of the project includes practical workshops at schools and kindergartens. The project will develop a suite of software tools that is designed to be platform-independent and will be made accessible on the internet.

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