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Exhibitions 2011

March 19th–May 15th, 2011

Edmund Kuppel
Ausufernde Sehfelder
(PROJECTIONS 1970–2010. Sprawling Visual Fields)

ZKM | Media Museum
Opening: Fri, 18 March 2011, 7 p.m., in the exhibition

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Exhibition in the ZKM_Medialounge

The question as to the reality and credibility of new media pictures is ever-present. Which picture is true; what is untrue about and in the picture? Media artist Edmund Kuppel poses another question: what is there about our perception which is true?

The exhibition entitled PROJEKTIONEN 1970–2010. Ausufernde Sehfelder [PROJECTIONS 1970–2010. Sprawling Visual Fields] at the ZKM | Media Museum shows a selection of Edmund Kuppel's most important works of the last forty years.

"Forty years ago, belief in authentic illustration by means of photography or film was still prevalent and unshaken. (...) In the computer age, it is no longer a question of the authenticity of the media, but only of the integrity of the author." (Edmund Kuppel)

Edmund Kuppels comprehensive series of photographs stretch across the walls like story boards. Their open borders prompt the question of the context of the photographic detail and extend the illustrated pictorial space. In his video work of the 1970s and 1980s, the artist shows the way in which film generates illusion, and, in so doing, questions the medium's claim to reality. Kuppel believed he had discovered the ideal implementation of his concepts in video projection. The disembodied light pictures represent the thematic processes and make lapses of time perceptible. The projection method itself is thematized in the voluminous installations themselves: machines put the photographs into movement and confront the visitor with the technical emergence of film sequences. Hence, in his medial works Kuppel refrains from showing the media as picture or illustration machines, but as machines of space and time. His works point to the way in which natural perception brings about space, time, movement and occurrences. For its part, media systems deconstruct perception and construct reality.

Edmund Kuppel is among the most important pioneers of media art in Germany. The critique of the mechanisms of media, because it has served as a model of reflective medial perception, has constituted the world-wide influence exerted by this pioneer since the 1970s.

"The exhibition, the first retrospective on the work of Edmund Kuppel, is sure to prompt surprise and astonishment." (Peter Weibel)

An accompanying publication documenting all the most important works in which the artist examines the phenomenon of projection is to be published in conjunction with the exhibition. With an introduction by Peter Weibel, the catalogue includes essays by Michael Schwarz, Rolf Sachsse and Alexandre Quoi.

April 20th–June 05th, 2011
Edmund Kuppel: Rediscovered
In the context of the exhibition "PROJECTIONS 1970–2010. Sprawling Visual Fields" the ZKM_Medialounge presents two new restored works by artist Edmund Kuppel. More works from the ZKM_Videocollection can be watched at the audio/video stations.

Aufnahmen bei Jöhlingen zum Film "Sich dazwischen stellen",
16mm Film, s/w, Ton, 1972

Ausstellungsansicht European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, 1988
„Das Tal, die Welle, und wenn das Meer den Himmel ersetzt“, 1982, dreiteilige interaktive Foto- und Film-Installation
© Edmund Kuppel / VG Bild-Kunst

„Prototyp des Rück-Spiegel-Foto-Apparats“
© Edmund Kuppel/ VG Bild-Kunst


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