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Events 03 | 2011

Thurs/Fri March 17/18, 2011
Ambiant Creativity
Digital Creativity and Contemporary Music

Festival in the ZKM_Cube and ZKM_Lecture Hall, at 6 and 8 p.m.,
admission free to lectures, concerts € 10/7 (buy ticket online)

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The concentrated lecture and concert series is the conclusion of the one-week international composition workshop “digital composition” at ZKM, part of the EU-project “Ambiant Creativity.”
The concerts will explore various interactive and audiovisual forms of digital media art. Pianist and performer Sebastian Berweck presents experimental, contemporary music forms with the piano – including a premiere by composer and action artist Johannes Kreidler. In the second program, the concretization of contemporary acousmatic music shifts to the center with the ZKM_Klangdom. The finale to the workshop week and accompanying program, open to the public, will feature changing video and DJ sets on the music balcony.  
Impulse lectures by Sebastian Berweck and Johannes Kreidler focus on the question of digital avant-garde and musical practice, and will be followed by a round table discussion with composers and musicologists. In the first IMA | lab, the project’s guest composers will present their new creations for the ZKM_Klangdom.


Thurs March 17, 2011, Interactive Creativity
6 p.m.: Lecture by Sebastian Berweck (in English language)
6.45 p.m.: IMA | lab No.1 (in English language)
Guest composers in dialogue
With the three international fellows from “Ambiant Creativity”: Damian Marhulets, Jérôme Bertholon, Omer Chatziserif, and Sebastian Berweck, Host: Ludger Brümmer
8 p.m.: Concert with Sebastian Berweck (piano), with works by Enno Poppe, Terry Riley, Ludger Brümmer, Johannes Kreidler (premiere), Giacinto Scelsi, and others.

Fri March 18, 2011, Spatial Creativity
6 p.m.: Lecture by Johannes Kreidler on new technologies and what they bring to music (in English language)
6.45 p.m.: Round table with Thomas A. Troge, Johannes Kreidler, Ludger Brümmer, Claude Cadoz, Iannis Zannos, and others (in English language)
8 p.m.: Concert with works for the ZKM_Klangdom by Claude Cadoz, Iannis Zannos, Ludger Brümmer, Damian Marhulets, Jérôme Bertholon, and Omer Chatziserif
10 p.m.: IMA | lounge: Audiovisual Creativity on the ZKM_Music balcony with dj deepthought and a „Hysterical Breakbeat Show“ by Damian Marhulets

Mit der Zirkonium-Software wird der Klangdom im ZKM_Kubus gesteuert.
Screenshot© Jens Barth

Projektleitung ACROE, Projektpartner: ZKM, Ionian University


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