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Events 02 | 2011

Sun February 06, 2011
Blech surround 12.1

Concert in the ZKM_Foyer and ZKM_Cube,
8 pm, admission €10/7 (buy ticket online)

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The title of the first concert to be given by bach, blech & blues in the ZKM_Foyer does not exclusively allude to the twelve musicians of wind instruments and their Australian star soloist Adrian Mears: "Surround" not only means recording the ZKM Foyer in terms of its sounds and acoustics, but also to fill it physically – here, with compositions from different epochs. In the performance of antiphonal works of the Renaissance in alternating antiphons, in which the composers were inspired by the Venetian cathedral architecture, the choirs, positioned around various sections of the building, were then set in relationship to one another. In addition to the works dating from the Renaissance epoch are the most recent compositions by Hans Werner Henze and Florian Ross, which similarly play with spatial disposition.

The second half of the concert, now in the ZKM_Cube, comprises a compact line-up of classic Big Band orchestration ensuring compact acoustics and superb ensemble sounds. bach, blech & bluesmeetsthe famous work of Australian soloist jazz trombonist Adrian Mears with a capella BigBandJazz à la bbb.Among others, the source of this jazz takes inspiration from the first part of the program in that it likewise draws on works originating in the Renaissance. Resident in Europe since the beginning of the 1990s, Australian born trombonist Adrian Mears rapidly established himself as one of the leading voices on the trombone.


Florian Ross (*1972) "Surround 1" (premiere, contract of the ensemble)
Jean Hasse (*1958) "Tower Piece"
Giovanni Gabrieli (1557–1612) "Sonata 13 à 12"
Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643) "Lauda Jerusalem"
Antonio Bertali (1605-1669) "Sonata 9 per due chori"

Hans Werner Henze (*1926): "Sonata per otto ottoni" with
Tomaso Antonio Vítali (1663-1745): "Sonata da chiesa" (arranged by Desiree Wolff)
Giovanni Gabrieli (1557–1612): "Sonata Octavi Toni"

Florian Ross (*1972) "Surround 2" (premiere, contract of the ensemble)
Florian Ross (*1972) "Object trouvé"
Curt Berg (*1962) "Blue moon"
Adrian Mears (*1969) "Intuition of sacred hearts"
Frank Reinshagen (*1961) "Jazz" (premiere, contract of the ensemble)
Jörg-Achim Keller (*1966): "CTD"

bach blech & blues
Trumpets Laura Vukobratovic, Rudolf Mahni, Daniel Grieshammer, Till Weser, Volker Siepelt / Trombone Angelika Frei, Hubert Mayer, Stefan Schmitz, Heinrich Gölzenleuchter / Horn Hubert Pilstl, Frank Bechtel / Tuba Hellmut Karg / Soloist jazz trombone Adrian Mears

For further information, please see: www.bachblechblues.de

Das Ensemble bach blech & blues ©, Foto: Torsten Leukert


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