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Events 02 | 2011

Fri/Sat February 04/05, 2011

Sci-Fi Performance by Sebastian Klemm
in the ZKM_Media Theater, 8 p.m., €10 plus fees (buy ticket online)

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Based on the imagination of the locked-in-syndrome that may be provoked by a stroke "point blank / the initiation" explores the power of will within humans; their visionary qualities to condition themselves and even reconstitute after severe physical damage. The begin of the Performance frames a state of being where the human cannot move at all – "point blank". However disconnected from any field of perception, other than eye-sight, vitality is still present but locked inside the paralysed person – acted by a dancer. From here the actual Performance – "the initiation" – reaches out for an optimistic perspective.
The audience experiences the difficult and enduring process of the dancer`s rehabilitation and inner struggle to reclaim ability for her own body and articulation again. Therefor the structure and character of all multimedia technology in space correlates to the inside constitutions of the yet unarticulated dancer: loudspeakers, screens, computers, lightsources as well as the personal characters that surround the dancer, translate the dancer‘s progression of feel and articulation as an ongoing informational and spatial shift.

With: Jae Ho Youn, Agnete Beierholm, Sebastian Klemm, Annina Zamani, Anna Oussankina, Andreas Martini, Branka Rubic, Betania Meli, Alexandra Rauh, Philipp Lubienetzki

More Informations: www.pointblank-theinitiation.org

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