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Installations 11|2010

November 11th, 2010 – March 27th, 2011
Paul Plamper: SILENCE 1
ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

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The object of the sound installation SILENCE 1 by Berlin director and radio play author, Paul Plamper (*1972), is the thematization of the complex behavior of groups. In a space filled by empty tables and chairs, visitors audibly perceive the soundscape of a packed café, whereby an illuminated vertical screen symbolizes its glazed façade. A dull thudding sound, reappearing at regular intervals, coming from the direction of the façade, now reduces the babble of table talk to an abrupt silence: outside in the streets a couple, apparently engaged in heated argument, bang up against the plate glass window.

The illuminated screen serves as a white matrix for visitors, describing a unique version of the incident. By way of the looped structure of the staged discussions, visitors then return to the discussion’s original point of departure at 4:57 minutes intervals. Only then may they leave the table to wend their way through the web of conversations. These discussions, carried out simultaneously, facilitate the sampling of a unique radio play.

In the installation, this series of apparently everyday restaurant talks assumes the form of a community that makes a decision. The sudden collective silence signifies a grey zone through which a thin line traverses the boundary between interference and distance, between social cohesion and neglected assistance. Nobody acts. This silence hence becomes the stage for a dramatic implosion.

Paul Plamper is author, director and producer of a number of radio plays such as »Top Hit leicht gemacht« (Prix Europa 2002), »Henry Silber geht zu Ende«, »Release« und »Hochhaus«. Since the showing of his sound installation at the Palast der Republik in 2006, his work has focused increasingly on the impact of sound in public space, as well as on a new form of mobile ›radio play sculpture‹. SILENCE 1 was developed in 2008 for the Museum Ludwig, Cologne and the WDR [West German State Broadcasting Company], and was sponsored by Film Foundation NRW.

Paul Plamper: SILENCE 1
31 channel sound installation, 29 speakers, 4:57 min. loop Materials: 12 tables each with 1 to 4 loudspeakers, chairs, illuminated vertical screen, reflecting metal floor

In collaboration with
Janina Druschky (Cutter, Assistant Director), Julia Friedrich (Curator of Museum Ludwig, Cologne), Nils Kacirek (Sound-technical Conception), Martina Müller-Wallraf (Dramaturgy/Editing), Roman Vehlken (Mixing, Karlsruhe), Evi Wiedemann (Space), Paul Wuttke (Director of Production/Assistant Director)

Sebastian Alshut (businessman), Hanka Barelkowski (a youth), Oliver Borgis (businessman), Margarita Broich (martial arts expert), Franz Broich-Wuttke (child), 
Antonio Ciervo (a youth), Judith Engel (mother), Julie Gissler (martial arts expert), Ayse Gül Var (a youth), Irm Hermann (aunt), Fabian Hinrichs (self-accuser), Gisa Holzhausen, (lover)

Timm Höller (a youth), Ute Kirchhelle (martial arts expert), Hans Klumpp (elderly man), Cristin König (inhabitant of the city)
, Kasper König (museum), Mehmet Kücük (boy),
Matthias Lilienthal (theater), Matthias Matschke (father), Sabine Mix (businesswoman),
Gisela Orth (a woman),
Bastian Pastewka (media man), Milan Peschel (flirt), Caroline Peters (media woman),
 Holger Schulz (businessman), Martin Wuttke (man), 
Andreas Schmidt (self-accuser), Ary Schwantes (waiter), Christian Wandinger (lover)

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