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Events 11 | 2010

Thurs–Sat November 25–27, 2010
Piano +

Festival of contemporary compositions for piano and electronics
at ZKM | Karlsruhe, 8 p.m. and 9.30 p.m., admission on Thursday €8/5, day pass €9/6 (buy ticket online)

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Seven world premieres and a German premiere stretch again the definition of the "plus" in the title of the 6th festival "Piano+ – Music for Piano and Electronics." The opening concert is all about the accordion, which Stefan Husson masters in virtuoso style. For "Angel Dust" by Nicolaus A. Huber, he is joined by internationally renowned trombonist Mike Svoboda. Fans of pure music for piano and electronics will also have their fill. The late concert on Friday and the evening concert on Saturday will feature new pieces and old favorites. Paulo Alvarez will make his first guest appearance at Piano+. His piano night will feature "Orbit" by Vassos Nicolaou, among other pieces. A talk with composers and performers from the field of electronic music will take place before the concert. The circle then comes to a close with the finale where we hear Mike Svoboda once again. Sabine Schäfer’s concert installation "TopoPhonicPlateaus" builds a strong contrast to "Dans la Nuit" by Matthias Ockert, who guides us into the night with piano, e-guitar and electronics.

Program Piano+

Thursday November 25, 2010

        8 p.m., ZKM_Cube
        Opening concert with video, accordion, trombone,
        and piano

        Michael Bach Bachtischa "64 Sounds for Piano", 2000 and
        "50 Sounds for Accordion" (premiere), 2000
        David Eagle "Waves and Points" for Akkordeon
        for accordion and tape player (premiere), 2010
        Nicolaus A. Huber "Angel Dust" for trombone and
        accordeon, 2008
        Ludger Brümmer "Le temps s’ouvre", 1995
        Stefan Hussong accordeon / Mike Svoboda trombone /
        Catherine Vickers

Friday November 26, 2010

        8 p.m., ZKM_Media Theater
        Concert EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO of the SWR
        Chaya Czernowin "Ina" for bass flute and
        tape recorder, 1988
        Jonathan Harvey "Still" for tuba and electronics, 1997
        Luigi Nono "Risonanze erranti. Liederzyklus a Massimo Cacciari"
        for alto flute, bass flute, tuba, percussion, and live
        electronics, 1986
        Susanne Otto alto flute / Roberto Fabbriciani flute /
        Klaus Burger tuba / Percussions de Strasbourg /
        Detlef Heusinger director / live electronic
        realization: EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO of the SWR

        9.30 p.m., ZKM_Cube
        Wolfgang Hufschmidt "10 Lieder ohne Worte"for piano and
        tape player  (from: 24 Klavierstücke für Tonband, 1989,
        concert version 2009)
        Roland Pfrengle "Klaviermusik II" for piano and electronics,
        2009/10 (premiere)
        Alistair Zaldua work for piano and electronics (premiere)
        Gerhard Winkler "Hybrid VIII (PiAnimaux)" for live piano
        and electronics, computer-controlled MIDI-grand piano and
        live electronics (premiere)
        Susanne Achilles, Rei Nakamura piano

Saturday November 27, 2010

        6 p.m., ZKM_Lecture Hall
        Round Table Conclusion of the series of talks:
        "Der Performer in der Elektronischen Musik"
        with Rei Nakamura, Mike Svoboda, Matthias Ockert, Gerhard
, Catherine Vickers
        Host: Julia Gerlach

        8 p.m. ZKM_Cube
        Piano evening Paulo Alvares
        Johannes Kreidler work for piano and tape player
        João Pedro Oliveira "peca" for piano and electronics
        Gerhard Stäbler "!?" – musical essay on the borders
        of the possible for piano and electronics, 2001
        Vassos Nicolaou "Orbit" for MIDI-piano and live
        electronics, 2004/05

        9.30 p.m., ZKM_Cube
        Karlheinz Essl "Sequitur X" for trombone and
        electronics (premiere)
        Sabine Schäfer "TopoPhonicPlateaus"
        27-channel concert installation with texts by L. Carroll Beyse
        and D. R. Hofstadter
, 1994/95
        Matthias Ockert "Dans la Nuit" for piano, electric guitar,
        and electronics (premiere)
        Mike Svoboda trombone / Sabine Schäfer concert installation /
        Matthias Ockert
electric guitar /
        Yannick Wirner, Catherine Vickers piano

       Artistic direction Piano+ Catherine Vickers

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