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Mindthestorm - a New Way of Jamming in the Third Millennium


Themes on and about the complex mesh of relations between biospheres, climatic science, environmental politics, globalization, culture and art form the point of departure for mindthestorm.org’s continuously accumulating archive of image and textual documentation.

Processuality constitutes the focal point of mindthestorm.org. The archive is neither hierarchically structured, nor does it follow a defined order. The structure emerges through the quality of the contributions, their continuity, their quantity and tagging; the information structure which undergoes permanent renewal is represented by swarms.

Users of Mindthestorm.org store the images and textual documents relating to their research or their actions in a common databank. The data are tagged when entered and subsequently set in relation to one another editorially and by the participants themselves. A tool is thus produced, which automatically and by way of the text proposes relations to other, already existing documents. These proposals can then either be confirmed or rejected. Swarms are visualized by this mesh of relations, which persistently form themselves anew with each subsequent entry. At this level, participants may interactively position the documents within the swarms, whereby the representation signifies a communication of all entries. Ultimately, what emerges from this is the possibility to record and represent both the subjective explanatory space of each respective participant as well as to assess the latter’s entry in its connection to other such entries, such that multiple swarm images may then be generated. Each of these representations stands in a relation of reciprocal influence, and leads to an unguided, dynamic revaluation of the swarms. This revaluation, though editorially accompanied by selected partners, is not directly influenced. The descriptions accompanying these are located on a separate level as a complement to the above-described representation of the swarm intelligence.

In this sense, mindthestorm.org is a collaborative, multi-user social network – as far as possible, an open platform. The immanent obstacles of Internet as a medium such as spam inhibit the possibility of the real-time visualization of the processes in the archive and hence make an editorial intermediate step necessary. The use of the platform however is designed as a simply as possible so as to guarantee the continual expansion of the content by third parties.

· http://www.mindthestorm.org
· http://facebook.mindthestorm.org


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