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Events 09 | 2010

Sat September 25, 2010
CHROMA_LOUNGE_Electronic Concert II

Lange Nacht der Musik [Long Night of Music]
in the ZKM_Foyer, 9 p.m. € 5 (at the door)

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During the “Lange Nacht der Musik [Long Night of Music]” at ZKM, the CHROMA_LOUNGE will be woven together with performative elements of the Electronic Concert II produced in collaboration with the City of Kaiserslautern, to a kaleidoscope of avant-garde music, sound art, and dance music, that contains several subtle artistic border crossings. Volker Staub sets up his “Witterungsinstrumente [weather instruments]” as sensitive sound sensors in ZKM’s outer areas: long steel strings, resonance tubes, objects made of metal, stone, wood, and glass are set into extremely fine vibrations by the influence of weather, air movements, sounds of the environment, and radio signals and then reproduced in real time, amplified, inside in the foyer. Staub’s “Erinnerung”, presented by members of the Schlagquartett Köln, captures sound’s tactility that can be physically experienced, before Adonis Daukaev will give an interactive dance performance with the video tape at Ludger Brümmer’s “Interview mit einem Bild”. In between the sound performances and afterward, experts for contemporary sound including DJ Olaf Karnik (editor and journalist for Spex, F.A.Z.) will play the atrium, contrasted by the audience’s playing of rosalie’s CHROMA_LUX installation via the touchscreen CHROMA_PAINT by Jens Barth. As usual, the popular CHROMA_LOUNGE will become a dance floor until late into the night with dj deepthought.

Volker Staub, Daniel Smutny “In Memoriam Violectra” (2010) for steel cable and live-electronics
Volker Staub “Erinnerung” (2010) for weather instruments and 24 sound stones with Achim Seyler and Thomas Meixner
Ludger Brümmer “Interview mit einem Bild” (2010) for dancer, 4-channel tape recording and interactive video, with Adonis Daukaev
DJ Olaf Karnik
dj deepthought ambient and minimal-house
Jens Barth live visuals and CHROMA_PAINT, which allows the audience to control rosalie’s CHROMA_LUX installation

A project of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics in Cooperation with the Referat Kultur of the Stadt Kaiserslautern

Further information: www.fruchthalle.de



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