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Event 05 | 2010

Fri May 21, 2010

Concert for violoncello and electronic media
by Johannes S. Sistermanns
in the ZKM_Cube, 8 p.m.–8.45 p.m., admission € 15/10
(ticket is also valid for the concert LUX VOCAT
on Fri 21 May at 9 p.m.)

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Blinman is the highest elevation village in South Australia. The peak of the sparse and uninhabited mountain on which the village is located reveals an endless view of the surroundings. In a steady fluctuation of diverse techniques of live play on the cello and recordings played on the loud speakers, and their mutual influencing, the composition “Blinman” for violoncello and electronic media by Johannes S. Sistermanns continually re-explores the listening space as possible living environment and in this way questions the borders, or the horizon, of one’s (own) listening. The digital score for cellist Friedrich Gauwerky comprises three monitors displaying videos with nocturnal infrared recordings, the gradients of distant mountain peaks,  cloud formations, horizons, and geological earth surfaces of South Australia’s outback.  In this way, “Blinman” makes the audience an “ear-witness” of a vast, sparse, Australian landscape, which transforms in a medial, electro-acoustic spatial-composition for the Klangdom [Sound Dome].

Johannes S. Sistermanns "Blinman"
(2009, premiere of the Klangdom version)
16-channel composition for Klangdom, Transducer,
Video score, violoncello, live electronics, and sound direction

Friedrich Gauwerky violoncello
Yvonne Mohr 3-video channel
Sebastian Schottke sound engineering
Johannes S. Sistermanns live sound direction

An event in cooperation with hr2 Kultur.
Sponsored by the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Further information: www.sistermanns.eu/#page/home

Friedrich Gauwerky
Violoncello, 2009,
Frankfurt hr2,
© Photo: Beate Olbrisch


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