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Event 05 | 2010

Thurs May 06, 2010
"Männer haben es nicht leicht"
and "Mord im Apfelbaum"

Film screening with live commentary
by Prof. Dr. Urs Wyss (University Kiel)
in the ZKM_Lecture Hall, 6 p.m., free admission

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Concealed behind these two film titles are exciting insights into the world of insects, filmed and commented on by phytopathologist Urs Wyss. For several years now, he has filmed these interesting tiny creatures in their natural surroundings. “Männer haben es nicht leicht” (19 min) introduces the audience to the coupling ceremony of insects, while  “Mord im Apfelbaum” (62 min) is devoted to the inhabitants of an apple tree (aphids, apple blossom weevils, and apple leaf miners) and their everyday struggle for survival.

Further information: www.entofilm.com

Der Apfelblattsauger © Urs Wyss


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