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Events 04 | 2010

Tue April 27, 2010
Das Abenteuer um die Ecke – lebendige Rheinauen
[The Adventure Around the Corner – Living Rhine Floodplains]

A documentary film for the whole family
by Eleanora and Alena Pfanz
in the ZKM_Media Theater, 6 p.m.,
free admission

Information auf Deutsch

This documentary film series by children and teens, honored many times over at festivals, accompanies the young adventurers Eleanora und Alena Pfanz on the way to unforgettable experiences out in nature. The two discover the secrets of the animals, explore their environment, and experience adventures “around the corner”: in the woods and moorlands, streams and lakes, in old gravel pits, caves, and national parks. The fifth and sixth films in the documentary series, which are being shown at ZKM, are devoted to the Rhine floodplains – a shrinking, semi-natural river landscape. Eleanora and Alena accompany ecologists, wildlife biologists, and flood experts on expeditions to this ecosystem and document the unique spectacle of survival in the flood waters.

With an introduction by Gülsel Özkan
(Planet film and television production)
Welcome Werner Raab MdL (Patron of the series “Abenteuer um die Ecke”) and Dr. Klaus Michael Rückert (Vice president of the state government)


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