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Events 04 | 2010

Fri April 23 / Sat April 24, 2010

Piece for violoncello, percussion, dance, and electronics
in the ZKM_Media Theater, both concerts at 8 p.m., admission € 10/8

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Amsterdam, Berlin, Porto, Tallinn, Rome, Budapest: six cities. Sound recordings from European cities offer the base for “I-X-Herculean,” a piece comprising music, movement, and space that confronts European identity: Can the culture of a city be perceived through sound? Can sameness and distinctness in these cities be grasped through sound? By recording the sounds of public places; voices and languages, the artists explore this theme on the basis of three criteria: movement, globalization, and language. “I-X-Herculean” are audible scenes in which both the dancers as well as the musicians move in the theatrical and musical dimension of the concert as medium. Concrete sounds and composed music exist at the same level as light, space, and movement.

Julia Mota Carvalho, Jana Griess dance
Nuno Aroso percussion
Francesco Dillon violoncello
Jana Griess, Luís Antunes Pena concept
Michael E. Kleine staging
Luís Antunes Pena composition
Cornelia Griess design
Stefanie Kusenberg tour management
Carla Ehrlich assistant director

Holger Ballweg musical assistant

Further information: www.ixherculean.com

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