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The VAF Foundation is a non-profit enterprise engaged in the cultural sector. The Foundationís mission centers above all on developing and publishing Italyís foremost contributions to the development of modern scholarship, and, furthermore to facilitate an impression of this countryís creative output. Based in Frankfurt am Main, the Foundation was established in 2001 by businessman Volker W. Feierabend who, after many years of cultivating business links to Italy and discovering the art of this country himself, then went on to pursue his passionate activities as collector. When establishing the Foundation he not only provided his important collection with an institutional framework, but also stipulated that its general task was to promote Italian art. The transnational intercultural exhibition activities and the mediation of works of Italian art consequently play a decisive role in exhibitions organized by German Museums.

In its portfolios, and in an almost seamless continuum, this first-class collection of Italian art of the 20th and 21st century represents the history of Italian avant-garde art of a hundred year period. Commencing with Divisionism and Futurism, it then continues with Pittura Metafisica, as propagated in Valori Plasticiís journal, before finally leading to the group Novecento Italiano. This is followed by important works in early rational abstraction, a phase which came to a temporary end in the Corrente movement prior to 1945. No less richly represented is the Italian art of the post war era, where not only the abstract orientations in Constructive, Concrete and Informel, including that of the Spazialismo art can be found, but also materially emphasized approaches, to which also belongs the work of Arte Nucleare. Similarly, the realist and figurative notions from the 1950s to the present occupy a major position. The collection is completed with examples by protagonists of the Azimuth group and the Nouvelles Tendances, of Mec-Art, Pittura Analitica, Poesia Visiva and of Lettrismus, as well as many other outstanding testimonies to Italian creativity. To be especially emphasized in this connection is both the sheer number as well as the superb quality in the portfolio of works produced b Arte Cinetica and Arte Programmata.

Mention must be no less made of the foundationís patronage, from which, not least, young artists also stand to benefit. This patronage comes in the form of exhibition subsidies and catalogs and the work of establishing contacts to galleries and museums. New works are acquired for the permanent collection thereby guaranteeing continued increase to the acquisition of most recent artistic ideas and contemporary creations for the collectionís portfolio.
 A substantial miscellany of works in the VAF Collection is in the care of MART, the Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto. The Foundation operates in close collaboration with this institution, which is based in Rovereto (Italy).

Furthermore, the Foundation issues a biannual art prize for young Italian art, the so-called Premio Agenore Fabbri, which, with a Ä20 000 endowment, is considered the most noted award for contemporary Italian art.

Klaus Wolbert is President and Managing Director of the Foundation. Curatorial scientific and administrative responsibilities, among which obligations belong the advising and supervision of all tasks pertaining to the VAF Foundationís charter, fall under the joint auspices of Volker W. Feierabend (Chairman), Andreas Hapkemeyer, Dieter Ronte and Peter Weiermayr.

The documentation and art scholarly research work count among the VAF Foundation's most noteworthy activities, the results of which are published in the Foundationís series of publications. To date, the following volumes have been published for this edition:

· Die Ambienti der Gruppe T
 · Umberto Boccioni. Die Revolution der Skulptur
 · Franco Meneguzzo. Ein Malerleben im Verborgenen
 · MID. An den Ursprüngen der Multimedialität. Von der

  programmierten zur interaktiven Kunst
 · Gianfranco Zappettini. Denken in Kategorien der Malerei
 · Analytische Malerei
 · Futurismus. Die Revolte der Avantgarde
 · Materialbild. Italien 1950 Ė 1965
 · Mec-Art.

The Foundation is currently preparing the publication of a complete oeuvre catalog.

· http://www.mart.trento.it

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VAF Foundation, Exhibition view, »Collectors' Choice II«, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art (2009), with works by Paolo Scirpa, Bruno Munari and Nanda Vigo


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