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Sun 17 January 2010
Art’s Birthday 2010

with AGF, Mira Calix, Ulrike Haage among others

SWR2, in cooperation with HfG Karlsruhe, are celebrating art’s 1,000,047th birthday with a live concert and a live radio show at ZKM_Media Theater, 8 p.m., free admission

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The moment someone let a dry sponge fall into a bucket full of water it happened: art was born. Fluxus artist Robert Filliou proposed this theory in 1963, establishing the said moment as occurring 1,000,000 years earlier, on the date of his own birthday, 17 January. Ever since Filliou’s death in 1987, artists throughout the world have continued the birthday celebrations thus pursuing the concept of art as “the eternal network” or »La fête permanente .” Additionally, there will be a variety of events at different sites: from trysts in private studios to performance nights at the radio station. The only requirement is that every site is able to send and receive “birthday gifts.” The Ars Acustica Group of the European Broadcast Union (EBU) has organized these acoustic gifts since 2005, exchanging them between the participating international radio stations via the EBU satellite channels Verdi and Ravel. For this, the SWR will organize a four-hour live concert at ZKM, with international radio artists involved in experimental electronic and elecroacoustic music:

*AGF aka Antye Greie (Live electronics and voice / Kitty-Yo)
*Mira Calix (Live electronics and voice / WARP Records) together with Oliver Coates Oliver Coates (Cello / London Sinfonietta)
*Ulrike Haage (Piano, live electronics, etc. / played by Vladimir Estragon, Rainbirds, Stein, Goto among others) together with the vocal soloist Ute Wille (SWR Vocal Ensemble Stuttgart)
*also played will be compositions from a workshop with students at the HfG

Host: Andreas Hagelüken
Station director: Frank Halbig

Video stream of the concert: www.swr2.de (8.05 p.m.–midnight)
The SWR2 broadcasts the celebrations live, beginning at 10.03 p.m.
A cooperative project of HfG, SWR, and ZKM | Karlsruhe

Foto AGF: Tobias Schult


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