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:::::: ZKM EVENTS :::

The Artist as a Young Dog :: Public CD presentation with Peter Weibel, Herbert Kapfer, and Margit Rosen.
[Wed, 2009/11/04 | ZKM_Cube, 5.30 pm., entrance free]

ARD Radio Play Days – A Festival for the Radio Play :: After the great success in past years, the ARD radio play days will now take place for the sixth time, so it’s time again in 2009, for all radio play fans: from 4th to 8th November go to ZKM and the HfG Karlsruhe - on offer is the entire spectrum of radio art! Highlights in the accompanying program are the opening with the Alexandra Lehmler Quintett, Live performance with texts based on weblogs by discount workers, the HfG_KlangLabyrinth, a parcours of sound zones with radio plays, celebratory awards ceremony with Kristjan Randalu, Claudio Puntin and Samuel Rohrer, Markus Popp aka "oval", Klangdom Concerts and the Children's Radio Play Day ⁄⁄ more
[ARD Radio Play Days | Wed–Sun, 4–8 November 2009 at ZKM and HfG | Karlsruhe | free admission to all events - except the SWR2 Studio-Brettl]


IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM :: For its twentieth anniversary, the ZKM | Center for Media and Art Karlsruhe will present, its best artistic productions in a lavishly planned review beginning on 10 October 2009. In its research institutes, more than 500 visiting artists from around the world have produced a great number of highly regarded works, which following their presentation in Karlsruhe, have been honored worldwide in biennales, festivals, and exhibitions thereby decisively contributing to shaping the face of media art for two decades. The show aims at no less than reconstructing the international development of media art based on the best productions from the ZKM. Works in the Exhibition: 66movingimages, Algorithmic Echolocation, Bubbles, CHROMA LUX, Disappearance, reconFIGURING the CAVE, The Tree of Knowledge, Miss World, StickiesWorld 2.0, SusiCarts, YOUbiläums Browser I and YOUbiläums Browser II, and many more - The exhibition runs until December 31st, 2010 ⁄⁄ Desktop: http://at.zkm.de | Cell phone: http://m.at.zkm.de

Experiments in Art and Technology. research@zkm :: In conjunction with its twenty-year anniversary, ZKM will open its archives. More than 1,500 videos, around 13,650 works of electroacoustic music and a selection of more than 1,000 documents can be comfortably called up and studied at viewing and listening sites and via innovative interfaces. With the archive exhibition Experiments in Art and Technology ZKM displays a central piece of media art history ⁄⁄ more
[Experiments in Art and Technology. research@zkm | ZKM_Media Lounge | from 10 October 2009]

<SA/JO>: MicroSonical Shining Biospheres No. 1 (2009) :: Media artists <SA/JO> (f.k.a. <sabine schäfer ⁄⁄ joachim krebs>) present their most recent "walk-in spatial-sound colored light body" for micro-acoustic animal sounds and three-dimensional LED-colored light. In creating this sound-light environment, they were inspired by the latest breakthroughs in neuro-scientific aesthetics and bionics, among other things - The exhibition runs until January 10th, 2010 ⁄⁄ more

ZKM_PanoramaLab :: A focus of the research and production activities of the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media is the development of innovative hardware and software solutions for artistic projects. Due to the great interest and approval these presentations have met with, now a permanent forum for the PanoramaTechnology will be established at ZKM: the ZKM_PanoramaLab. Its opening will be marked by the premiere of the interactive installation "CloudBrowsing" - Permanent Exhibition ⁄⁄ more

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