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Exhibitions 12|2009

5 December 09 –11 April 10
just what is it ...
100 Years of Modern Art from Private Collections in Baden-Württemberg
10 Years Museum of Contemporary Art at ZKM

An exhibition at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary
Opening: Fri 4 December at 5.30 p.m.
at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art

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Participating collections
Participating artists

Anniversary program

The large scale anniversary exhibition just what is it ... will celebrate ten-years of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the bays 1 and 2 of the Hallenbau (industrial building). On 4 December 1999, the Museum of Contemporary Art opened at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe with the goal of presenting key private collections from the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg.
This anniversary offers us the occasion to present an exhibition showcasing the situation that found precisely here in Baden-Württemberg is a concentration of private collectors and collections—reaching beyond the circle of hitherto partners of the Museum of Contemporary Art—unique throughout the federal states, with extraordinary inventories in terms of both quality and quantity. Nowhere else can be found private collections, from the classical modern through to contemporary art, i.e., from Cézanne and the expressionists through to Picasso, from Baumeister to Wols, from Pollock to Rothko, from Warhol and Beuys to Baselitz, Kiefer, Kippenberger, and Rehberger, so extensively laid out and of such high international renown.

In celebration of its ten-year existence, the Museum of Contemporary Art will become a »Temporary Museum of the Modern Era.« One hundred years of art from the beginning of the twentieth century to the first decade of the twenty-first, will be documented on the basis of first-class, privately owned seminal works in Baden-Württemberg. In this way, important developmental lines of modernity and postmodernity can be shown. In the sense of a »musée imaginaire,« the Museum of Contemporary Art will thereby become a site that enables an opulent overview of the currents and trends from the first decade of the twentieth century to the present—an entirely unusual sight at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and thus that much more exciting!

just what is it ... is the beginning of the title of an incunable of Pop art: the famous collage by Richard Hamilton from 1956, which for one, can be seen on display in the exhibition, marking roughly the midpoint of the era covered. For another, »just what is it ...« serves as impulse for a sequence of wonderful associations that are offered to beholders at the various levels of this exhibition. From a cultural political point of view, too, this exhibition can be considered a highlight of the cultural year 2009/2010 in Baden-Württemberg, especially since it is under the patronage of Prime Minister of State Günther H. Oettinger.

The comprehensive anniversary catalogue mirrors this nationwide-unique concept, and additionally offers a clear picture of the different profiles of the individual exhibitions. Along with numerous illustrations and a chronicle of the Museum of Contemporary Art, which offers an impressive look back at the diverse exhibition program over the past ten years, various essays provide both a retrospective look at the museum’s beginnings and a view ahead to the future. In this, taken up on the one hand are Heinrich Klotz’s and Götz Adriani’s fundamental ideas from the founding era of the Museum of Contemporary Art, while on the other, Götz Adriani and Peter Weibel shed light on individual aspects of the exhibition concept and the collection inventories in Baden-Württemberg. Gregor Jansen casts a glance at the past ten years of the Museum of Contemporary Art, with its varied exhibition program. In addition, the occasion also offers the opportunity to question the status quo of art: Wolfgang Ullrich considers the art developments of the present day and cites them as emerging trends for the future.

For the duration of the exhibition project, the 10-year anniversary will be accompanied by numerous events, which, among others, include a major symposium that likewise takes a look at the development of the museum in the context of its history, present, and future, promising a stimulating discussion about the relationship of public museums and private collections.

Exhibition curator and concept Götz Adriani

Catalogue editors Götz Adriani and Peter Weibel
with contributions from, among others, Götz Adriani, Boris Groys, Heinrich Klotz, Gregor Jansen, Peter Sloterdijk, Wolfgang Ullrich, and Peter Weibel

Guided tours Sat 4 pm., Sun 3 pm.
Thematic tours at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art: Sun 11.30 am.

Participating Collections Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Baden ⁄⁄ Daimler Kunst Sammlung, Stuttgart/Berlin ⁄⁄ FER COLLECTION, Ulm ⁄⁄ Sammlung Froehlich, Stuttgart ⁄⁄ Sammlung Grässlin, St. Georgen ⁄⁄ Sammlung Charlott & Tistou Kerstan, Murg ⁄⁄ KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Alison und Peter W. Klein, Eberdingen-Nussdorf ⁄⁄ Museum Ritter – Sammlung Marli Hoppe-Ritter, Waldenbuch ⁄⁄ Sammlung Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart ⁄⁄ SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen – Privatsammlung Schaufler ⁄⁄ Sammlung Rudolf und Ute Scharpff, Stuttgart ⁄⁄ Horst und Gabriele Siedle Kunststiftung, Furtwangen ⁄⁄ Sammlung Siegfried Weishaupt, Ulm ⁄⁄ Sammlung Würth, Künzelsau ⁄⁄ Sammlung Zundel, Kunsthalle Tübingen ⁄⁄ und weitere private Sammlungen

Participating artists Vito Acconci ⁄⁄ Jankel Adler ⁄⁄ Josef Albers ⁄⁄ Carl Andre ⁄⁄ Arman ⁄⁄ Hans Arp ⁄⁄ Georg Baselitz ⁄⁄ Jean-Michel Basquiat ⁄⁄ Willi Baumeister ⁄⁄ Bernd und Hilla Becher ⁄⁄ Max Beckmann ⁄⁄ Joseph Beuys ⁄⁄ Max Bill ⁄⁄ Bob Bonies ⁄⁄ Martin Boyce ⁄⁄ Glenn Brown ⁄⁄ Daniel Buren ⁄⁄ Paul Cézanne ⁄⁄ John Chamberlain ⁄⁄ Christo ⁄⁄ William N. Copley ⁄⁄ Hanne Darboven ⁄⁄ Thomas Demand ⁄⁄ Walter Dexel ⁄⁄ Jim Dine ⁄⁄ Otto Dix ⁄⁄ Lyonel Feininger ⁄⁄ Dan Flavin ⁄⁄ Sylvie Fleury ⁄⁄ Lucio Fontana ⁄⁄ Günther Förg ⁄⁄ Otto Freundlich ⁄⁄ Alberto Giacometti ⁄⁄ Gilbert & George ⁄⁄ Raimund Girke ⁄⁄ Hermann Glöckner ⁄⁄ Adolph Gottlieb ⁄⁄ Werner Graeff ⁄⁄ Gotthard Graubner ⁄⁄ Andreas Gursky ⁄⁄ Richard Hamilton ⁄⁄ Keith Haring ⁄⁄ Erich Heckel ⁄⁄ Candida Höfer ⁄⁄ Hans Hofmann ⁄⁄ Martin Honert ⁄⁄ Thomas Huber ⁄⁄ Johannes Itten ⁄⁄ Alexej von Jawlensky ⁄⁄ Allen Jones ⁄⁄ Wassily Kandinsky ⁄⁄ Ellsworth Kelly ⁄⁄ Anselm Kiefer ⁄⁄ Martin Kippenberger ⁄⁄ Ernst Ludwig Kirchner ⁄⁄ Astrid Klein ⁄⁄ Yves Klein ⁄⁄ Imi Knoebel ⁄⁄ Willem de Kooning ⁄⁄ Jeff Koons ⁄⁄ Joseph Kosuth ⁄⁄ Norbert Kricke ⁄⁄ Wolfgang Laib ⁄⁄ Fernand Léger ⁄⁄ Sol LeWitt ⁄⁄ Roy Lichtenstein ⁄⁄ El Lissitzky ⁄⁄ Richard Paul Lohse ⁄⁄ Robert Longo ⁄⁄ Morris Louis ⁄⁄ Markus Lüpertz ⁄⁄ August Macke ⁄⁄ Piero Manzoni ⁄⁄ Agnes Martin ⁄⁄ Henri Matisse ⁄⁄ Jonathan Meese ⁄⁄ Mathieu Mercier ⁄⁄ Marcello Morandini ⁄⁄ François Morellet ⁄⁄ Reinhard Mucha ⁄⁄ Gabriele Münter ⁄⁄ Bruce Nauman ⁄⁄ Emil Nolde ⁄⁄ Albert Oehlen ⁄⁄ Claes Oldenburg ⁄⁄ Max Pechstein ⁄⁄ Georg Karl Pfahler ⁄⁄ Pablo Picasso ⁄⁄ Sigmar Polke ⁄⁄ Jackson Pollock ⁄⁄ Charlotte Posenenske ⁄⁄ Anton Räderscheidt ⁄⁄ Arnulf Rainer ⁄⁄ Robert Rauschenberg ⁄⁄ Tobias Rehberger ⁄⁄ Ad Reinhardt ⁄⁄ Gerhard Richter ⁄⁄ Pipilotti Rist ⁄⁄ Gerwald Rockenschaub ⁄⁄ Alexander Rodtschenko ⁄⁄ Peter Roehr ⁄⁄ Mark Rothko ⁄⁄ Thomas Ruff ⁄⁄ Oskar Schlemmer ⁄⁄ Sean Scully ⁄⁄ Richard Serra ⁄⁄ Cindy Sherman ⁄⁄ K. R. H. Sonderborg ⁄⁄ Monika Sosnowska ⁄⁄ Haim Steinbach ⁄⁄ Frank Stella ⁄⁄ Thomas Struth ⁄⁄ Samuel Szczekacz ⁄⁄ Jean Tinguely ⁄⁄ Rosemarie Trockel ⁄⁄ Cy Twombly ⁄⁄ Günther Uecker ⁄⁄ Victor Vasarely ⁄⁄ Franz Erhard Walther ⁄⁄ Andy Warhol ⁄⁄ Franz West ⁄⁄ Wols ⁄⁄ Erwin Wurm ⁄⁄ Beat Zoderer


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