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Events 10 | 2009

Fri–Sun, 09–11 October 2009
Lets Celebrate Together, 20 Years of ZKM!

Symposia: "access_un_limited" and "What remains?" |
Visitors' Festival

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Audiovisual work for Klangdom and light, 2009

Fri, 9 October 2009

for the opening of the exhibition IMAGINING MEDIA@ZKM
Sat, 10 October 2009
at 8.30 p.m. in the ZKM_Foyer

Peter Weibel’s idea for the piece “CELLULARIUM” has been realized with a light composition by rosalie and a music composition by Ludger Brümmer. The audiovisual installation is based on cellular automatons, which self-organized, steer the change of states. A special version of such automatons is the”Game of Life” developed by John Conway, with whose help population developments can be simulated. These development processes are the basis for the color courses designed by rosalie. On two evenings, these will be expanded by the sound and spatial composition by Ludger Brümmer and available to hear in a new Klangdom in the ZKM_Foyer.

Idea: Peter Weibel
Light Composition: rosalie
Music: Ludger Brümmer
Coordination: Bernd Lintermann
Programming: Jens Barth and Martin Schmidt

Fri–Sun, 09–11 October 2009

rosalie: "CHROMA_LUX"
Light installation, 2009 in the ZKM_Foyer

The large light installation by rosalie in the Foyer of the ZKM has changed its appearance through new material, and is also given sound with the new work “CELLULARIUM.”



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